Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 3 2013 College Football Predictions

I watched a little college ball Thursday night. Kind of hard switching back and forth between four games (three FBS and one D2 contest). The TTU/TCU game was fair but the best was the Arkansas State/Troy match up. At any rate, last week I went 8-2 with a total of 14-6 thus far. Let's see what can be done this week....

1. AFA vs Boise State: It doesn't look like this will be one of the Broncos' better seasons although they certainly should be right in the thick of the MWC race. Air Force is not very good at this point in the season. I would look for the Idaho bunch to take this one with relative ease in tonight's contest.

2. Delaware vs Navy: This one will be a toss up likely. I will go with the Squids in a close contest.

3. West Point vs Stanford: A no brainer here. Go with Stanford. It is almost embarrassing to put this one on the board.

4. Ohio State vs Cal: There are those who are saying that the Buckeyes are ripe for an upset. They may not really be quite as good as the pundits say. Cal is well coached but then, so is Ohio State. The team from Ohio will prevail. Hope not.

5. Nichols vs Louisiana: This is the week the Cajuns carve out their first win. If they don't then it will be a very very long season down in Lafayette.

6. Memphis vs Middle Tennessee State: This one has become a rivalry of sorts and is probably pretty even. I will go a bit out on a limb here and predict the Tigers will come away with a (very) minor upset. Go with the team from Memphis.

7. UCLA vs Nebraska: This is the big one some say. Of course that is ridiculous but it could be a good game none the less. UCLA is well coached and is moving up it seems after years of mediocrity. The glory days of the Huskers is long past and likely won't be returning anytime real soon. That being said this is an even game and I will have to go with the team from California.

8. Ole Miss vs Texas: There are problems in Austin. There have been for a number of seasons if truth be told. Ole Miss is supposed to be a vastly improving team and the Horns were embarrassed last week by a somewhat below average BYU club. It is still likely that the Longhorns will find a way to win this one at home. It may be close.

9. Northern Illinois vs Idaho: The Vandals are dismal. Why they didn't keep a very good head coach is beyond me.  NIU might be a pretty good team. Not near what they were last year likely but still a pretty solid MAC club. The Huskies should win with relative ease.

10. Alabama vs TAMU: OK. Everyone knows this is the game of the week and may even have national championship type implications. A bit early for all that but there you have it.
It is relatively certain that young "Johnny Football" will show a few moves and have a few surprises. He is talented football player. He is also a punk. Be that as it may, he will make the Tide defense look foolish and inept on a number of occasions but just not enough to matter. Look for the Crimson Tide to win here.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.


Jayhawk said...

Not to mention, as was pointed out on Olbermann's show, Nick Saban has been laying for Johnny for a full year now. He was embarrassed in his own house and there is blood in his eyes.

Bartender Cabbie said...

we will see shortly

Bartender Cabbie said...

we will see shortly