Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Quick Rundown of Aggie Chances in Year One of the SEC

Kevin Sumlin will lead the Aggies in their first year in what is not seriously disputed to be the best football conference in college ball. He will not have a Case Keenum behind center as he did over at U of H. If you recall, Cougar football was quite good with Keenum on the field and mediocre at best when he was injured. The brilliance of Sumlin as a head college football coach has yet to be proven. Win with an average squad and then we might anoint his head with oil. Till then? Jury is still out.

Here are some thoughts on Aggie chances this year.

1. TAMU vs La. Tech: May be a good game. La. Tech is a good under the radar squad. The Aggies will have some trouble here and likely will fall just short in what will be the start of a very long season.

2. TAMU vs Florida: Florida has been down a bit the last couple seasons. It is doubtful that the Aggies will be able to play long on the same field though. If they do it will be a long season for Gator fans.

3. TAMU vs SMU: June Jones is coaching at SMU and he may actually be one who can be considered "brilliant" in the college ranks. This may be a close game and the Pony's may well "upset" them.

4. vs South Carolina State: This may be the first victory of the Aggie season. They should be able to beat IAA SCSU.

5. vs Arkansas: This all depends on just how much the off season problems in Razorback country will affect the Hogs. If there is lingering problems then the Aggies may prevail. Probably not though.

6. vs Ole Miss: This may possibly be the first SEC (maybe only) victory of the season for the Aggies. Ole Miss' program is in shambles.

7. vs LSU: lol! No.

8. vs Auburn: unlikely. Highly unlikely.

9. Mississippi State: a possible victory for the Aggies. It will likely be a complete toss up.

10. Alabama: Good Lord!

11. Sam Houston State: You may think this one would be another easy one against a IAA opponent. Not so fast. SHSU was one of the top teams in IAA last season. We will see how they do this year. If they are playing good ball then they may be more than ready to take on (and defeat) the Aggies.

12. vs Mizzou: Another SEC victory for the Aggies? Maybe. Maybe not.

It looks to me like there is only one sure win (if there is such a thing) in the Aggies SEC schedule. They may have a decent shot at a few others. For the Aggie faithful it is unfortunate that Vandy and Kentucky are not on the slate this year. Not that the Aggies would necessarily be victorious in those contests, but TAMU has way more in common with those two programs than with the the tougher football schools in conference.

Their non conference schedule is tougher than some might think. They have only one "sure win" here as far as I can tell. They may pick off one or two of the others but at least one of the non conference foes will take them to the woodshed. I imagine that the Aggies will be 2-2 in non conference play.

So to round this all out, a five win season would be a huge success. If they get to six wins the Aggie folks should  (but won't) be orgiastic. If Sumlin gets above six wins then perhaps we might need to take all this "brilliance" talk seriously.

Let the games begin!!!!!


Jayhawk said...

" June Jones is coaching at SMU and he may actually be one who can be considered "brilliant" in the college ranks."

Really? He was mediocre as QB coach and 3-10 as head coach for the SD Chargers, last place in the division, and his best record yet at SMU is 8-5. He's only been to one major bowl in his 13-year college coaching career.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Brilliant perhaps is a bit strong, but he did a very good job in Hawaii.