Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Are The Hogs Really That Good?

All of the polls I have seen have placed the Arkansas Razorbacks in the top 15. I am scratching my head a bit here. Now we have Pat Forde, a Yahoo Sports "expert" predicting that the Hogs will come in at number seven. He does point out that both LSU and Alabama have to pay a visit to Razorback country and that can be an unpleasant experience for the visiting team. Bama should have enough in the tank this season but there are some question marks concerning LSU.

Do the Hogs have enough to compete for the top spot in the brutally tough SEC? I rather doubt it. They do have a new coach in John L. Smith and he is a good one but the off season fiasco involving the former HC and a  woman of ill repute (well sort of) may still be a distraction. Not on the level of PSU or lower division Mankato State, but a distraction none the less.

Go Hogs Go!!

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