Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wonder where the Gas Prices will finally Settle

This afternoon I paid near three bucks a gallon for gas. We are lucky in this part of the country; our prices generally tend to be a bit lower than most areas of the nation. Still three bucks is a chunk of change sure. Of course the "summer blend" will be in manufacture soon and this jacks the price up to some extent or at least we are told that is one reason the prices tend to go up just prior to the Memorial Day holiday. That is BS and we all know it but we all just play along and continue to buy fuel. What choice do we have? Riding subways and trains is not an option for most of us in this country and thank goodness for that. If one is stuck riding a subway or a train to work then likely one lives in an area that I sure don't want to live. I did spend a bit of time in NYC as a younger man and enjoyed it but that was another time. Would not do it now. At any rate, with the Mohammedans in an uproar, especially if said uproar spreads throughout the region as it is likely to do, the price of fuel may rise due to legitimate reasons. Already there is some unrest apparently in Algeria. Of course Egypt is the most problematic at this time due to the proximity of the Suez Canal. Are the Gulf States next? If so then watch the price of fuel skyrocket. This is the price we pay for not being energy independent.


Jayhawk said...

$347 per gallon and rising in San Diego.

Jayhawk said...

Well, crap. Should be $3.47

Bartender Cabbie said...

I wonder if the price of fuel will get as high as it did a couple years back. I think that was one thing that helped to derail the economy. Of course it was good for those in the oil business but not good overall for most of the rest of us.