Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let's Watch Our Educational System Crash

Well the Mohammedans are dancing around in assorted "Middle Eastern" nations demanding something or other. The whole phenomena does not bode well for Western security to be sure. Time will tell, but I wager that within one year the area will be in flames. It is strange that our babe in the woods president does not seem to get it. Oh well, these things can be discussed later. Right now an immediate issue, close to home, seems pretty important. I have finally gotten all my "credentials" to "teach" school in the great state of Texas. Of course also now is the time that there is apparently not enough money to actually "teach" the children. I have a job as a "paraprofessional" which of course means that you do essentially the same thing as a full "teacher" for not near the pay. Not that a teacher makes any money of course. Well with the budget cuts that all districts must absorb there are to be layoffs of teachers in most districts large and small. Hiring freezes are already being reported and some teachers have already been informed that they will not be coming back next year. For some that is good. I have seen some pathetic teachers out there in my couple years working in education and I can tell you some have no business in the classroom. Oh well. Laying off teachers is not the answer. Classes are already big enough. Can you imagine 60 instead of 30 hormone stoned kids in an algebra class? How about having 60 instead of 30 kids try to muddle through "Macbeth" when a quarter of them can't read anyway. Hard job this teaching. Anyone who says it is easy is a dolt. A fucking dolt, if I may be so bold. I don't know what the answer is of course. Getting the U.S. Dept of Education out of the equation would be a good start. Don't know if that would save any money, but it would improve the process. Doing away with nonsensical standardized tests would be another. All districts have administrators who are usless appendages and some in fact are more than useless; they actually impede the process. They should go of course. Combining resources would be another good ideas. I am talking district consolidation here. A touchy issue in this state. A podunk school board is not apt to give up their "power" without a fight.  In this state there are numerous state agencies that have outlived their usefullness or really have never been anything more than a drain anyway.  The "Railroad Commission " is useless as is the "Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission". There are many many others. Not to wish anything bad on anyone, but there are folks in state employ who need to look elsewhere for work. The whole thing is a huge mess and a bad bad problem sure. If this nation is to be competitive we need an educated workforce. It is a national security issue. "Firing" good competent teachers is not the answer.

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