Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wolf Blitzer? Who Put Him In Charge?

Yesterday evening I turned on the television to get a bit of "news" on what was going on in Libya, Egypt, Wisconsin, etc. and was greeted by the all knowing Wolf. Wolf appeared to be speculating, even advocating, some sort of military intervention in Libya to stop the "genocide" that may already be occuring there. He seemed to actually "call out" President Obama on the issue. I got the distinct impression that Wolf was of the belief that we should intervene militarily. I disagree. Let the Libyans fight it out among themselves and then we must be ready to deal with the aftermath. Unfortunately, we may have to take their oil one day but that is a different story. Anyway, isn't Wolf's job to report the news and not offer his opinion? Is he a journalist or just another pundit? Apparently he thinks he is both. Can't have it both ways Wolf.
On a side note somewhat; It is reported that Wolf Blitzer's real name is indeed, well, Wolf Blitzer. I would have thought otherwise. I pegged him for the type that would have some sort of cutesy made up "journalist" name. Remember, Geraldo Rivera once called himself Jerry Rivers, which I  believe is actually his birth name. That was before he became a man of Hispanic descent. Wolf may be as stupid as "Rivers" but apparently he is not quite the fraud.  A lot us "knew Geraldo  before he was Hispanic."

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