Sunday, February 20, 2011

Journalists! Try Not To Be So Stupid.

The horrific event that happened the other day to a reporter in Egypt is still in the news. She certainly did not deserve her treatment from the Mohammedan savages that she unfortunately came into contact with. I am hopeful that those who participated in this attack find themselves meeting the virgins soon. I pray that she recovers psychologically and physically from the horror she was put through. That being said however I must say that some of these so called journalists do not seem to grasp the fact that not every place on earth plays by the same rules as we in the West (and select other places) do. It astounds me when journalists become so offended when something bad happens to one of their number in a place that does not practice "freedom (and protection) of the press." This sort of thing goes with the territory and, not discounting the bravery of some in the "profession," a bit of common sense is always in order. Some of them just don't seem to have a sense of self preservation.

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