Monday, July 11, 2011

Well I Want Mine

The other day I saw an advertisement from, I believe, the AARP. This commercial was telling us how Medicare and Social Security is going broke and the reason for it is none other than ridiculous government spending. The ad pointed out some sort of animal research or something; I really don't recall. I have to agree with this I am afraid. I, like most others of us, have paid into the "system" for years and if I make it long enough (Allah willing) to utilize these programs, well then I want them.
I do believe that this govt spends way more than we can possibly take in on ridiculous things. I can just off the top of my head point to many programs and agencies that should be either disbanded or downsized. Can't you? Of course these usefulness of these programs is all in the eye of the beholder I suppose. Some would be for massive military cuts, which I would oppose and others for cutting many social and foreign aid programs, which I would probably be in favor of. Unless it is a social program that I may utilize. That would make it a different story entirely.
The point is, (if there really is any), is that we do need to downsize the government a good deal. Just not things I want or believe we need.

All of us think that way I would wager.


Jayhawk said...

But, Cabbie, old buddy the things that you don't believe we need are things that somebody else believes we do need, which presents something of a conumdrum, don't you think? That's why nothing ever gets cut, every program has some people who believe we need it.

Part of our problem is the US Representative from California who says, "It is my responsibility to serve the needs of the people of California." Respectfully, no. It is the representative's responsibility to represent the principles of the people of California in serving the needs of the people of the nation as a whole. The nation't government should be governing the nation, not grabbing goodies for the individual states.

"United we stand, divided we fall." When each member of government is serving the parochial interests of his home state we are not united.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Your last paragraph says it all on this issue.