Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ron Paul to Leave Congress

I have noted before that Ron Paul can keep his seat until such time as he decides he has had enough. Apparently that time has come. It appears that he is serious about a run for the highest office.


I have also before referred to Dr. Paul as a "loon" and I must somewhat retract that statement. Paul has some great ideas but he does also have some that I find a bit "loony." OK. No big deal. We all have loony ideas from time to time I suppose.  I do not believe Paul to be a loon but I do not think he would be the person I would want to sit in the oval office. Not that it matters; Paul has less chance of becoming the president (or the Republican nominee), than "Hair." Remember he was contemplating a "run" until just recently. Now "Gov. Good Hair" is a different matter. He may have a chance to become the nominee of the Republicans to the detriment of the party (and nation). Be that as it may, I would submit that in the unlikely event that Dr. Paul gets any real serious traction in his run, the Republican establishment will set out to destroy him. Hacks like Hannity and Limbaugh will become useful tools and lead the charge. They fear him and his ideas. A modern Republican is really not all that much different, when it come down to it, than a Democrat. Dr. Paul is different. He means what he says and says what he means. There is no BS with this man. He is to the right what Sanders is to the left. Men who mean it. Men of conviction. One does not have to agree with them to recognize and respect this fact.

I ran across this on Yahoo News and it sums it up quite well.

"Ron Paul has long been an unorthodox politician, someone who's defied GOP politicians as well as Democrats," party spokeswoman Kirsten Gray said. "He's likely to carry that quality into the GOP presidential field, where he could cause problems for Rick Perry and other Republicans by calling them out for the hypocrisy and inconsistency within their party."

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