Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Homes and a Blistered Bottom

Almost every day one hears something about "housing starts" or lack thereof. There is also quite a bit about the buying and selling trends of existing homes. Apparently "housing starts" are a major indicator of the health of the economy. Is it just possible that there are enough homes now on the market? Do we need to continue this race to mindlessly build new neighborhoods in empty fields? Perhaps not. Bad news I know for major home builders and the illegal aliens in their employ. Bad news all around really, but still, the question is valid. Are there enough homes out there now? Do we need to build more below par and overpriced "tract homes" at this time? I kind of doubt it.

You know, the whole housing thing reminds me a bit of a funny story. A few years back a friend of mine was in the market for a condo. We have all heard the funny jokes and stories concerning real estate sales and ummm sexual favors. Well my friend actually spanked (literally and by request) a fairly prominent real estate "salesperson." Hilarious. She must have been having a slow month.

He did not buy the condo. This rather odd episode must not have been that fun.


Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

OH my gosh LMAO! And he didn't even buy the condo.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I have lost touch with him but as far as I know he has not bought a home yet. Spanking people? Not so sure.