Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dr. Paul and Good Hair

In the Lone Star State we certainly have our fair share of loons, bozos, liars, and dumbasses among the political class. Hell, Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee is enough for any state by herself. We also have Good Hair, who is perhaps the biggest bullshitter to sit on the throne in quite a while. A chameleon in cowboy boots this one. I would not put it past him to bullshit his way onto the national stage; as in the presidential nominee type setting. Don't think so but I bet it won't be from lack of trying.

Now that there is some serious discussion about Good Hair making a run for the highest office it seems that he is trying to pander to the "conservatives" in the country by becoming rather bold in a conservative "leadership" role. He backs, as I do, a "sanctuary city bill" which would hold municipalities somewhat accountable for their role in harboring illegal aliens. He has recently made noise about putting a stop to the TSA gropers; threatening them with prosecution and such. I'm not really convinced that this is a real problem or more of a bandwagon issue. I don't fly though so I have no experience with the problem. Don't like airplanes and don't like officious, badge heavy incompetents. Experienced that enough in the taxi business. But I digress.
For those of us in Texas, we know (or should know) who this Good Hair really is. He is soft on the illegal immigration issue. For an anti-Washington type; he sure is quick to point out that safeguarding the border is a "federal" responsibility. True enough, but when the fedgov does not really defend the border, then it falls to the state to take up the slack. Costly? Sure. Imperative? You bet. This Good Hair is frankly a coward on the issue.
On the same issue; Good Hair is a proponent of NAFTA and the "NAFTA Highway." Just that alone shows that he ain't "got his mind right" on what is best for Texans (or America). Just the imminent domain issue alone shows that he is not the "real deal." Why further entwine our economy with a third world, war riddled (sort of) cat box? Would we do so if Afghanistan was next door? That would be almost, (but admittedly not quite), the same thing.
Nope this Good Hair is certainly no answer to any problem that ills this great nation. Except perhaps male pattern baldness. There must be some secret behind that pretty mop he sports.

Now we come to Dr. Paul. He reps the district in which I live, and nobody will be able to ever unseat him. The job is his until he has had enough. I like Dr. Paul. He is no bullshitter for sure. He says what he means and means what he says. Unfortunately some of the things he espouses are in the realm of fantasy. Many of the beliefs that Ron Paul has are not grounded in reality. They just would not work in our diverse and complicated nation. Sure, he has some great ideas and a few may be just the ticket, but overall I am afraid that Paul's ideas would lead to chaos and weakness

One thing though about Ron Paul; he is no wishy washy pansy. He scares the Republican establishment, (and a whole lot of others), and that has to be a good thing. They sure try to destroy his credibility at every opportunity and of course that means they fear him and more importantly; his ideas.


sth_txs said...

Your comment is why most people are just a waste of flesh.

I think deep down people know RP is right but they don't have the balls to do what is right.

Those who put him down won't win any compassion from me in the future.

I'm defrauded of SS and looted of a solid 25% before and after my check and I have not even put gas in the car or bought groceries or paid the mortgage on my toolshed. Oh well, at least I don't knock myself out for what I make.

I fail to see how following the Constitution better would lead to chaos. I guess if the EBT cards stop working, we will have a feral population to deal with, but it will have to collapse anyway at some point.

Well, enjoy the decline!

Bartender Cabbie said...

Perhaps deep down, as you say, people know what is right but I submit that he is ostracized because his ideas seem too 'radical" even for the most "conservative." I have found that conservates tend to be all about smaller govt until such time as it hits them. Paul is a Libertarian and stands by it.
I do not think that his idea of governance will work in this society. It is a moot point anyway. Paul brings issues to the table that are worth discussing but will not ever be taken seriously by the mainstream.