Sunday, May 8, 2011

Junk from the Reds

I have found out from that there is a push to buy American made products in the month of May. Specifically targeted (to not buy) are those products that are made in Red China. Good. I try to avoid buying anything made there anyway and for the most part do pretty well.  Have to hunt around a good bit but one can find products that are American made. Just today I purchased a little plastic funnel that was, believe it or not, American made. Usually it is the cheap plastic junk that one can be assured is made in the PRC. A couple years back I actually bought a BBQ grill, from an American company, that I found  was actually made in the PRC. I did not take it back but I did fire off an email to the "American" firm. Never got a response. Imagine that.

I try to do my best to buy products that are made in the USA (or Canada) but it is not often easy. I do not mind buying products that are made in nations that are our allies. I have no problem buying Israel, NATO (Turkey not included), Korea, ROC,  some South American nations and to some extent, Japanese. This is of course if American or Canadian products are not available.  I will not knowingly buy anything made in a Mohammedan dominant nation. Especially food products. You know, what with a Jihad going on and all.  Sorry. I also do not buy products of Mexico. Shame because I truly love most Jarritos sodas. There are some very good beers brewed in Mexico (not Corona of course) but I refrain from making a purchase.  I am not a tequila man thank goodness, but if I were, I would try some of J.B. Wagoners California Agave product. Might be hard to find and perhaps not of the same quality  (I don't know) as the "real deal" but it is a sacrifice I would make.

I just try not to buy products from a nation that is an enemy (or likely enemy) of this country. I guess that makes me a bad person. I suppose I am just not inclusive enough. Or something.

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