Sunday, May 29, 2011

If No Charcoal is Involved You Ain't Really Grillin'

The title pretty much says it all. If you use propane to do your outdoor "grillin" than you really are just not grilling. Cooking? Yes. Grilling? No. Now my apologies to Hank Hill, some very dear friends, along with my better half who work in the propane business, but if you don't use some variety of wood when cooking outside then you are not really grilling. I think most of those folk who work in propane would have to secretly agree that charcoal is the way to go.  Now if one wants to cook outdoors on some sort of propane fueled contraption well I say have fun. Please though call it what it is; cooking outside.

Now with the official start of the grilling season for a good deal of the country, (we grill year round in my neck of the woods, although I admit I have grilled in some mighty raw weather), one must remember the freedoms we have that have been bought and paid for by many men and women in service to our nation. With Memorial Day upon us we must always remember those who paid (and will pay) the ultimate price in defense of our freedom. If not for them we would be grilling Wiener Schnitzel and perhaps sushi. Just thinking of wiener schnitzel suddenly makes me think of one Anthony Weiner who has been accused (falsely?) of "Tweeting" a pic of his wiener to someone. I find it rather funny but really doubt he actually did it. Who knows though. Stranger things have happened. You know it is kind of strange but every time I see this Weiner on the web or television I can't help but thinking of a poster I saw a while back. The poster in question shows a guy getting into a WWII vintage airplane and the caption reads something like "You! Shut the Fuck Up. We'll defend this country. Stay out of our way! Liberal pussies." I am pretty sure that is an accurate quote. I will have to look around a bit and may post the pic of the poster when I find it.

Now tomorrow being Memorial Day I find it a bit odd that I have to work. I do work for a school district and having Memorial Day off is kind of a given. Not really griping mind you. I have had numerous jobs starting with my own service to our nation where I did not have that day off. It is a tad strange for a school district in my neck of the woods to be in session on that particular day though. It  all really has to do with needing to make up a "weather day" earlier this year when we were actually predicted to have an inch of more of ice on the ground. Didn't happen but the day does have to be made up. It does irritate me a bit though.

I wish all a safe, fun, and happy Memorial Day and please take some time to remember those who paid the price for our freedoms. If you happen to see a vet or active member of the armed forces tell them thanks. Perhaps buy them a beer or invite them to share in your (hopefully) charcoal grilled fare.


Jayhawk said...

"If you happen to see a vet or active member of the armed forces tell them thanks."

Have to take some small issue with you there, Cabbie. We have Veteran's Day and Armed Forces Day for that. Today is about the Sacred Dead. Today is to honor, specifically, those who have lost their lives in the service of their nation, and to comfort those who waited in vain for their return.

I have a close friend who was a Marine officer at Chosin Resevoir. He feels very strongly that his fallen brethren deserve their own day, a day when we honor them and their unique sacrifice. His guilt at surviving that horror is bad enough, he says, without his service being equated with theirs.

Bartender Cabbie said...

you are right of course. Memorial Day to to remember those who gave their lives in defense of our country.
BTW I am having trouble commenting on your blog for some reason. Blogger still seems to be acting up for me