Sunday, January 23, 2011

Is Your Shire Reeve Corrupt?

The other day I was taking a bit of a break from work and went out to the car to have a smoke and drive aimlessly for a few minutes. The radio was on the local station that carries "Rush" and I had just enough time to hear him jokingly question how much money one Sheriff Dupnik (what a name) makes. He said something about his "salary and whatever he can get under the table." Now of course he was actually joking and not seriously implying that this Dupnik character is actually corrupt. Now I don't often listen to Limbaugh. I find him somewhat of a blowhard even though I probably would agree with him about 65% of the time. His innocent jest did seem to have a ring of truth to it however. I have lived in regions of this country where I would be willing to bet that the local Reeve is as corrupt as a Mafia Don. Hell in league with them in some instances. For instance, years ago in Central Louisiana there was a well known gambling establishment that was allowed to exist right in the heart of Alexandria. Damico's I believe it was called. It was likely an operation of the "Dixie Mafia" and it is also plausable that there were pay offs to the Reeve's office. It is certainly possible that old Carlos Marcello and the local Reeve were in cahoots. In Texas, casino type gaming is illegal. There is however an explosion in the number of "game rooms" that offer cash payouts to winners. Occasionally there are raids that close one of these fine establishments down while on the other side of town such operations continue as usual. Sounds like somebody missed their payment does it not? I have really never much trusted a Sheriff. Quite a number are likely nothing more than criminals.

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