Sunday, January 23, 2011

Are Mohammedans a Sideshow?

I have long thought that for us in the United States the Mohammedans are really nothing more than a thorn in our side and kind of a sideshow issue. Granted we have been attacked on our soil with horrific results and will likely be so attacked again. We do have after all a rather open southern border and that is a huge problem. We are focused on the low level war in Mexico which will prove to be dangerous enough for our border states, but perhaps overlook the likelihood that Mohammedan terrorists could use the same route into the nation. Now Iran of course is a danger as it is a "nation state" that sponsors terror and she frankly could be fairly easily dealt with if and when our leaders summon the courage to do so.  With all that being said however, I often wonder whether we should be looking elsewhere for the main danger. It is indisputable that Red China is a danger to our nation and other nations in the region. Japan and the Republic of Korea have much to fear from her. The Chinese' North Korean proxy is enough to cause great carnage in the region that would perhaps benefit only China. What better way to tie down and further weaken the collective morale of the United States (and others) than to have Kim unleash his forces in the region. China can then of course "broker the peace" after ensuring that our morally weak populace is demoralized. A resurgent Soviet Union (it never went away; just shrunk) that is looking for friends may look toward China and form, for a time at least, a super alliance. That is speculation of course. The Soviets have good reason to fear the Red Chinese and probably look with jaded eye toward any friendly Chinese overtures. However a temporary alliance of convenience is a tactic that weak but ambitious Russian leadership has used in the past  and may yet use again. Red China and a resurgent Russia are a danger to our nation sure. It is good that both countries are surrounded by nations peopled with those who hate and fear them. That is advantageous to the West. Now our brothers in Europe (and elsewhere) do have an immediate need to deal with the problem of Islamic fundamentalism. Europe is arguably being "over run" and Israel will continue to deal with hostile Mohammedans on her lands. Our problems with Muslims, while extremely dangerous, are not quite as pressing. Our country (and continent) is not in danger of a major Mohammedan population "explosion" that will utterly alter our identity as a "Western" nation. Europe is in such danger.


in the vanguard said...
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in the vanguard said...

It's hard to accept your good prognosis of the izlamic problem. This is a polygamous culture and they treat their women as trash, good for nothing but one thing. It didn't take long for them to overrun Europe. England, France and Germany already have some 3, 3.5 and 5 million of these creatures. They're popping up all over U.S.'s big cities with mosques and schools. In New York they already stop traffic on 6th Ave to do their prayers - with their asses pointing to Jerusalem. Don't rest too long on your laurels, because, before you know it, it may well be too late!

What more do you need to see how cunning this culture is of theirs? Perhaps you think the muzlim-in-chief is anything but muzlim. Well he is a muzlim, could care less about America, bows to the shieks and is doing their bidding, as well as that of the antisemites who go hand in hand with these creatures. The muzlims know whom to hook in for their own purposes. Just as the mufti of the Arabs during WWII reeled in the help of Hitler, to push his own agenda. Here too, the guy in the white house isn't ating on his own. He's taken orders. He's a pawn, and knows it, and is satisfied with it. Because he senses the power that swept him into office. It was years in the making. Planned many years ago for the big move. Hopefully, they left a few vital pieces that will undo their juggernaut. Those behind him are anti-democratic and anti-Jewish. They hate freedom and they hate Israel.

America is a great country and can remain a great country - but it has to take back the wonderful tradition it was founded on. The dollar reads, for good reason too, "In G-d We Trust", but if our leaders or policy pushers push what's antithetical to G-d's wishes, the course is steeply downhill. Where it's going now is straight to hell - unless a U-turn is made NOW, and not a little bit later. G-d bless America!

Bartender Cabbie said...

It took me a while to respond to you due to watching the events in Egypt play out. I do regard Mohammedan terrorisism as a dangerous issue, but still not the most pressing problem. An Islamist Egypt is a very dangerous problem indeed. A fundamentalist Iran near on the Straits and an Islamist Egypt controlling the Suez is something that will have to be taken care of militarily.

Bartender Cabbie said...

On a further note, I believe Mohammedan terrorists and Islamist nation states to be two seperate (althoug related) issues. There will be a need to crush Islamist states militarily in the future and the resulting Muslim terrorism will have to be dealt and unfortunately to some degree, lived with.