Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Won't Eat a Cat But That is Just Me

Apparently there is a food joint in Arizona that was to have "Lion Tacos" on the menu. It is reported that ownership changed their minds after receiving "threats." I personally find the whole "eat a lion" thing disgusting and perverted but if the said lion is raised in captivity for the purpose of being processed for food well then, so be it. Now of course if someone is killing wild African lions for the purpose of making tacos then I do have a problem sure. I really don't think that is the case however. If the "kitty" is raised in captivity for the purpose of human food then it is really not that much different I suppose than raising cattle for slaughter. Still and all I do find myself thinking "Screw you. You don't need to eat a lion."
On a sort of related note (foodwise) it is being reported that Taco Bell is being sued for advertising their "beef" as well, beef. Of course the stuff is not pure beef. How could it be so cheap if it were so?There are apparently 'additives and binders" added to stretch the product. I don't know much about the additives but whatever "binders" are they sure aren't very binding. A good prescription for being "bound up" is to go have yourself a couple of their "beef" products. Better than milk of magnesia I tell you.

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