Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cops at the Red Chinese Consulate in Houston

Apparently some Houston cops are under fire for allegedly roughing up someone in the PRC consulate on Montrose Street in Houston. If the report is correct then those cops made an error in judgement. That would not be too surprising though. They apparently said they did not know that they were on consulate property. That of course is ridiculous because everybody knows that the building in question is the PRC consulate.
The whole affair is somewhat amusing.

Next door to the Red China's diplomatic outpost is a small strip center that features a Mexican restaurant, Einsteins Bagels, , Starbucks, and a few other small concerns. If you park in the lot and are not patronizing one of the businesses then you will get towed. As an off and on Houston cabbie, I fairly often work the area and have taken a couple of pissed off Chinese citizens to the impound lot on Elgin. I sort of enjoy it although you can bet that there is no tip involved. In fact, there once was an argument about paying my legitimate fare. If this happens again I will call a cop mainly just for the entertainment value. My friend, another sometime cabbie, pretty much exclusively works the Montrose area and has taken far more people to the impound yard to reclaim their vehicles than I have. He was once accused by a PRC citizen (is that more politically correct than saying Red Chinese?) of being in league with the towing company. That of course is not true but it certainly would be more profitable than just taking people to pick up their cars. Cabbies always have street scams going that put a few bucks in the pocket. Nothing wrong with that. Recommending the "gentleman's club" that pays you the most in finder fees is a good way to put a few bucks in your pocket. Just the way it is.

As I said, it is fun to take PRC citizens to the impound yard to get their cars back. I don't like a Red Chinese consulate in the neighborhood anyway.

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