Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting Kinda Tired Of This BS

Well yesterday apparently a Mexican Flag was flown at the Klein ISD and some kid took it down. Reports and counter reports on the actual event have been flying hard and fast and who knows what the real truth is. It sure has generated a shit storm of controversy though. This is pretty reminiscent of the incident last week in California where some kids had to take off t shirts with the likeness of the American flag. I suppose so as not to "offend" kids of Hispanic descent during a "Cinco De Mayo" celebration. That is ridiculous, this is America after all and celebrations fitting to a foreign and somewhat hostile nation are out of order. It is like Americans celebrating the Russian Revolution that put the Marxists in power. Cinco de Mayo after all is just a "celebration" of a rather minor victory of Mexican troops over French troops and their Mexican allies. I doubt that many of the celebrants even know that. Not a major deal when one considers that just to the north in the United States there was a real war raging.

Conventional wisdom is that Cinco de Mayo got on the radar in the United States due to the marketing acumen of those who handle the Corona Beer account. If this is correct, then it is a brilliant campaign indeed that has unfortunately caused the unforeseen phenomena of becoming a source of controversy. Whether the "advertising campaign" story is correct or not is not really the question. The real question is should Cinco De Mayo celebrations have any place in the United States at all. Probably not.

Corona Beer sucks anyway. If I were to drink Mexican Beer at all it would be Negra Modelo, but I will not buy it either. I do kinda of like Dos Equis and the "Most interesting man in the world" television advertisements are brilliant but alas I also won't buy those products. I try to avoid buying products from a nation that is a potential enemy of our country. I don't buy the exceptional Tsing Tao beer from China for the same reason. Nuff said!


Gary Fouse said...

Bohemia is the best Mexican beer.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I am not a huge beer guy but now I am going to to do what I said I would not. I will be buying some.