Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Critical Watching, Reading, and Thinking

There are college classes that are entitled, believe it or not, Critical Thinking - As in Critical Thinking 101. It is ridiculous that anyone and I mean anyone can even think about setting foot on a college campus unless they have acquired at least some degree the talent of "critical thinking." You either have it or you don't and some professor yammering on about the need to "consider your sources," "look at all angles of an issue" etc. etc. is not of any use whatsoever. This is the problem we have when one considers the current political climate. People, for the most part, jump on a bandwagon and do not take the time or even indeed have the capacity to look at things from all sides before making an intelligent decision. This human trait is why such "news" agencies as FOX and MSNBC have such viewership. So called "journalists" do not, for the most part, bother with honest reporting. That is a damn shame and has almost killed the legitimate profession.

The other day President Obama called for people to at least take a look at some sources that they would not normally consider. To go "outside the box" if you will. He encouraged people to check out FOX news (I believe) and also to look at the "Huffington Post." Basically he was just trying to get people to look at all sides. I agree with that perspective and have been doing just that for years. They call it critical thinking.

As a case in point I consider myself a right leaning Centrist. I have truthfully been leaning a bit more right in the recent past wholly due to the leftist extremeism that is currently in vogue. I do however try to find my news from the most reliable source and when that is not available (and it often is not), I try to get my information by reading what those on the right and the left have to say. For instance, one of my favorite blogs is "On My Mind" written by a man named Bill from SoCal. His perspective is what I would call central with a leftward lean. It is a very good blog and Bill has some very good perspectives. When I really want to be entertained by some hardcore Marxism I check out "Brilliant at Breakfast." This is a good blog that references some very hard left journalistic work. I almost think that when there is another terrorist assault the webmistress of this site hopes and prays that it is some lone wolf militia type that perpetrates it. Just so she can shrilly say "See? I told you so." Don't believe me? Check out her latest blog post concerning the Mohammedan that was arrested in the Times Square bomb scare. It is crazy as hell. She is crazy as hell.
If I want to take a look at some alternative economic news and perspective I will check out Mish's blog. That will sure get you wondering if the official drivel coming out of Washington is bogus propaganda.

The point is for anyone who tries to keep up with the insanity of daily life needs to look at things from more than just one perspective. Anyone who does not is a dolt. A fucking dolt if I may say so.

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