Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Immigration Reform to Believe In

Here are some ideas for immigration reform that perhaps we in this nation should consider.
We could start with a complete militarization of the southern border. Why? People from all over Latin America and indeed other parts of the world are migrating north like ducks in the spring. Most of these folks are desperate and looking for a better life, but a good many of them are the criminal element and a danger to our citizenry. It is unfortunate, but now is the time to wall the border with Mexico and patrol the surrounding ocean access to the United State. We should also have permanently stationed troops in the region to back up our law enforcement agencies. This has become a matter of national security.
It would be impossible to repatriate all illegals that are currently in our country, but it is not impossible to deport those that come into the sights of law enforcement agencies. No I am not advocating racial profiling, but when someone is apprehended in the course of a criminal investigation and subsequently found to have illegal status then they must go. No ifs, ands, or buts.
There are still those "business people" in this country that will knowingly hire those of illegal status. When discovered they must be apprehended and charged accordingly.

For the most part, those that cross come here to seek a better life. Wherever there are haves and have nots living side by side, the have nots will try to attain what the "haves" have. This is certainly understandable and only a dolt would fail to have sympathy, but our nation can no longer afford to absorb this multitude. Apparently the government of Mexico encourages migration that is detrimental to this country but is of some benefit to them. The people that chose to risk a crossing are their most desperate and poor citizens and these people could very easily become a danger to the status quo in Mexico. Encouraging these poor people to immigrate to the U.S. helps to rid their country of those most likely to become revolutionary.

It should be noted that the government of Mexico does not have the best interest of the U.S. at heart. This is understandable in the game geo politics, and it should be recognized by those in positions of authority in this nation that Mexico is a nation unfriendly.

Comprehensive immigration reform? You bet! Just not the kind that our current administration is calling for.

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