Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Live Blogging from Harvey Part II

   Well the storm has finally left Houston alone and went on to pound areas just east of here. Port Arthur, Beaumont, and SW Louisiana seem to have been popped pretty heavily. Inland areas also have not been and will not be immune to the wrath of this prick storm. It looks like NOLA has been spared. That at least is good news.

  Down in these parts (Brazoria County - just south of Houston) got hit fairly hard but the main problem is likely to be in a couple of days when the Brazos River  (among others perhaps)rages out. Almost the entire county west of the Brazos is in peril. Folks should not be at home.  This is a huge problem but certainly not the only one in the area. What a mess.

  It is reported that a chemical facility in Crosby, TX. (just to the NE of Houston proper) is in danger of having some explosive potential. We will see. Some have said that it has potential to rival the explosion in West, TX. a few years back. Hope not.

  Not much else to report I guess.

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