Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Live Blogging From Harvey

   The Hurricane is finally moving beyond us in the area just south of Houston. Rainfall has lessened substantially and the wind has shifted. Heck, I would not be too surprised if the sun peeked out later today in this area. Who knows. Right now getting some pretty strong winds (out of the north) and a stray squall is moving through but it surely feels better to be on the "clean" side of the storm.

   Anyone watching the news or perusing the marvelous invention of Mr. Gore has seen the devastation that has occurred (and is still occurring) in the Houston area. It is truly, as they say, an epic event. The next couple of days will likely see some pretty damaging weather in parts of Louisiana, East Texas, and maybe other inland areas. The economic costs to the country will be in the trillions some say. That is something to contemplate.

  Some of the rivers and creeks that have been filled by the tremendous amounts of rain have and will continue to rise. In some areas this storm has just begun for those in harms way. Doesn't matter if the sun is shining  or not. In my area that is (likely) not to be a problem. Never can be too sure though.

Today it was my distinct pleasure to kill a pretty coral snake. Normally I have no quarrel with them but when one shows up in my yard (which they tend to do when seeking dry(er) ground), well you can be sure I send it to meet the virgins or Chippendales (or whatever happens when coral snakes die in "combat"). Someone call PETA. Quick! Had the same problem with squirrels a few years back. They somehow chewed their way into my attic and  war was declared. Many a squirrel died from wounds sustained from a cheap Daisy pellet gun that was purchased from the evil empire. Did not use a shotgun as it might alarm the neighbors. Well probably not. I am by far the least redneck person in my immediate vicinity. Most likely anyway....The squirrels and I are now in truce mode and will be so unless they decide to try another attic raid. By the way, the only reason we did not have squirrel stew (a lot of it) was that my better half would not have it. City bred folk..........

It is interesting that all kinds of armchair pundits are calling for the mayor of Houston's (one Sylvester Turner -Democrat) head for not issuing "mandatory" evacuation orders. People have died as a result they say. True enough. More people would have died in a mass exodus. That is the way it usually goes. I am not a huge fan of Mr. Turner probably but I have no problem with the way he is handling the situation. Seems to be doing as good a job as anybody else could in a trying situation and he made the right call. If you think otherwise you are doing it because of political motivation. That or you are just stupid. Hard to say.....

In other news, it looks like Lil Kim has decided to "test" more rockets. I wonder if one of those weirdly uniformed flunkies that follow him around with notepads has the cajones to have him whacked. I'm sure someone would (U.S., Korea (South), Japan, hell maybe even some in Red China, would like to see the world shed of him and pay a pretty penny to men of action. Oh well.  He does serve a purpose for the Red Chinese.....Only reason he is still there I would reckon..

Till next time.

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