Saturday, August 19, 2017

OK. Time to Spout My Two Cents

It has been a long time since I have had much interest in working with this ole blog but of late I have been thinking a good deal about it. I was about to get cranked up last year but just never got going. At any rate.....

The college football season is fast approaching. I am, as usual, rather interested in the upcoming festivities. That being said, I have not really taken much time for my half baked analysis but I may get into that some (time permitting).

Over here Houston way there have not been too many Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee sightings and that is truly a shame. Good comedy is hard to come by these days. Another esteemed gentleman, one Al Green, has somewhat taken her place as the resident buffoon. Not quite there yet......I'm sure Sheila will chime in with some way out nonsense soon though.

Since the last time I have written anything we have (for better or worse) changed the guard in DC. I am happy to report that I did not vote for Trump and certainly not for that lady...Nor did I vote for either of the other sort of "mainstream" candidates. Nope. I chose a write in and am proud to have done so.
   However I have become more and more of a supporter of the current POTUS. He was duly elected (although there is still whining about this "popular vote" thing again which of course means nothing), and there is an effort (organized?) to topple him.

I think what has finally prompted me to "write' again some (boy I feel rusty) is the  problem with "identity politics" that has finally spun out of control. Well, that and the very real (or not) threat of 'Lil Kim over there in sunny North Korea.

Oh well.....with any further preliminary nonsense, I will just get on with some of my thoughts on various issues.......

I have just noticed that Duke University has taken down a statue of  Marse Robert on campus. Typical. And here I was a Blue Devil (football) fan. Oh, apparently it is no longer forbidden to begin a sentence with "And". Just saying....As far as the statue goes, I would say this university president, a fellow by the name of Vincent Price (apparently) might be pussy.

It is probable that his whole destroy relics thing has roots in the PC movement. I first heard of Political Correctness sometime in the 80's. I didn't pay any attention to it of course but I do remember that is was a time where bows were in style for young ladies. "Bowheads" I believe they were called...Reagan was still POTUS and the real Soviet Union still existed. This is where this whole identity politics thing got started I think. Of course others will point out that it was the "hippy days" that began the "downfall"...I don't know...

Mohammedans are still a problem. They will continue to be so in the future. Certainly in my lifetime the problem won't be solved. Likely our grandchildren will still be dealing with the followers of the Prophet. There have been so many terrorist attacks (in this country and otherwise) that I have sort of lost count. Spain is in the news right now.........Oh before I forget, it seems that this ISIS (ISIL, whatever), while pretty much defeated militarily, was not the "JV team" as the previous POTUS said.

Mohammedans? Who the hell can keep up with all the players? Who are the good guys? Are there any? The Kurds seem to be a pretty reliable bunch (although they scare shit out of our Turkish "allies"). That really poses a bit of a conundrum. The Kurds seem worth supporting but since they frighten the Turks ...what do we do? It seems like the West needs Turkey as they scare the Soviets (err Russia).  That is a political problem. Perhaps a Kurdish homeland carved out of parts of Syria, Iraq and Iran with guarantees to Turkey would be prudent. Doubt the Turks will go for it. It is, like I said, a conundrum.

I won't go too terribly much deeper into the statue defacing (removal) thing that is going on now. Not just right this minute anyway. I will say I am against it and no mistake. It is not quite a revolution of the Bolsheviks yet, but it has the earmarks of  the beginning of such. I agree that they aren't going to just stop at having historical monuments removed. The Confederacy is an easy target and of course it doesn't help matters that Klan groups, Neo "Nazis" and assorted such silly folk seem to be the only people willing to really publicly protest to keep history from defacement, debasement, and erasure. Everyone  else appears to be just a bit to frightened to be called a "racist." Or something.

Over here in Texas there are some who even want to get rid of the Sam Houston statues. I suppose they don't understand that he was adamantly opposed to Texas leaving the Union. Be that as it may, I am kind of thinking that there won't be anyone messing with monuments concerning Texas history. (Not if they value their physical well being). Except of course Texas history that happens to be of a "Confederate" nature. That will probably be fair game. Why just today "Black Lives Matter" ( I hate that moniker, all lives matter you dickweeds) staged a protest of sorts about the Confederacy in a Houston park. Haven't heard of any problems. Yet.

Is it just me or am I the only person who would like to have seen the "lady" who was on top of the statue in Durham, NC. take a spill? She is a rather portly woman I noticed. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Need to lose a few pounds myself......I think she was arrested at least. If she would have fallen and broken her fool neck, she would have been touted as a martyr and hero of sorts. Everyone would know her name. You can bet on that.

That is about all for today I guess. Glad to be back.

By God!

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