Thursday, September 7, 2017

Live Blogging From the Aftermath of Harvey

 The storm known as Harvey has come and gone. Things are starting to get back to a more "normal" state in SE Texas although it will be quite a while before all is well. There are neighborhoods still flooded, houses damaged to the point of destruction, and of course some areas where one would not have known anything happened at all. Now Irma is out and about and it looks like it will have a major impact on the SE United States. Have you seen an image of the Caribbean and Gulf? Three storms at once is impressive to be sure......Not a whole lot can be said about it further other than I hope things turn out OK.

In other news....It is interesting that three "major" Texas college football teams fell in rather embarrassing fashion. Sumlin should be fired after the Aggie performance and Baylor has huge problems. It seems like Baylor finds trouble no matter what. At least no one was killed up Waco way this time. Remember the Bear basketball scandal a few years back....? Oh the Longhorns, they are just being the Longhorns. It may be a long year....We will see how the Cougars do - their game was postponed due to the storm.

I just watched another pro football player (KC Chief) decide not to stand during our national anthem. I wonder if any coach has the cajones to just tell players "you don't stand you will sit." I doubt it. Probably get "Black Lives Matter" or some other group of morons giving them crap.

Oh well, we will see what this week brings. Will it be more mainland hurricane destruction, another "gift package" from Lil Kim, or more wildfires out west? Maybe these Antifa twats will make an appearance somewhere. Wouldn't it be fun to see one of those cats get hit in the mouth with a stick?

You know it would.

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