Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some Thoughts on the "Early" Bowl Games of 2012

The early bowl games of 2012 are in the history books and thus far I am 9-10 in predicting the outcome. Still a lot of football to be played though. While most of the games were of the "who cares" variety, a few were pretty good contests and worth watching. It is a pretty short list to be sure.

Probably the most fun game to watch was the "Pinstripe Bowl" which was played on the frozen tundra of Yankee Stadium. It is fun to see a ball game played in a semi blizzard; makes for all kinds of gaffes and screw ups. The outcome reinforces the fact that WVU is one of the biggest disappointments of the college season. I rather doubt that G. Smith is ready for the "next level."An RGIII he ain't.

The Holiday Bowl was a good one. RGIII is gone from the roster of course but, despite that, the second half of the season has seen Baylor playing top 10 ball. An Art Briles led team is not going to be a loser very often. I would put the Bears up against any of the BCS top teams at this point. Yes, that includes Bama and TAMU. UCLA may be a force to contend with in the rather woeful PAC12 in the next year or two.  I think they have a winner in Mora.

Rice decided to play some football in the second half of their contest with Air Force (Armed Forces Bowl) and basically just ran away with it. It was a "who cares" game for most, but I have always kind of liked the Owls. They started 1-5 and played well the second half of the season. I would imagine David Bailiff's job is safe for another season at least. Rice is a hard place to win on a consistent basis. It has a lot in common I think with the Duke football program.

In the Alamo Bowl, Oregon State should have beaten a rather average Longhorn team but just could not get it done. The Longhorns are not a very good team certain, and I still think OSU is a marginally better team. Both schools need to do something about QB play and no mistake, (although David Ash did look surprisingly competent in the second half of play). Speaking of QB's it is reported that Texas "back up" Case McCoy (along with LB Jordan Hicks) were suspended from the game and sent packing. There are reports out there that they may be the subject of a "sexual assault" investigation. Could it be that McCoy and Hicks are gropers (or worse)? If so they are in the company of such fine gentlemen of the sporting world as K. Bryant (allegedly), Big Ben (allegedly), Tyson, etc. etc. ad nauseam.....I guess we will find out the real story at some point...Or not.

Were there any other games really worth mentioning? I suppose that is a matter of perspective. I enjoyed the New Orleans Bowl, but then again I am a Cajuns fan.....

There are just too many bowl games.  The whole thing has become something of a joke to be quite frank, but I suppose it beats watching early season college basketball. That gets interesting around the middle of Feb.

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