Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Couple Of Odd Hires in College Football

The coaching carousel has begun in college football. Nothing new here. There are some rather odd things going on though..........

The last thing anyone would have thought would be that Bobby Petrino would be hired by anyone. Period. One would think that his coaching career was done after walking off an NFL job (Atlanta) and getting caught in some sort of muff dive scandal with a hoor at the University of Arkansas. Western Kentucky University deciding to give him a shot is a head scratcher to be sure. I have always liked WKU but this hire shows something about the integrity of the administration. Typical. Win at all cost is the mantra these days.

Brett Bielema's hire at the University of Arkansas is rather odd. Of course they had to do something in Fayetteville sure. First there was Petrino and the hooker and then John L. Smith with his own (financial) baggage. The only problem with Smith is perhaps that it must have been difficult to put full concentration on the team when financial difficulties of a gargantuan magnitude had to have been first and foremost in his mind. Bielema has done a commendable job in Wisconsin although they should have done better this season. They probably could have been a top 10 team but something was just missing. This is a strange hire to me because the dynamics are changing perhaps in the SEC. Kevin Sumlin has seen to that. His brand of football (that is usually seen in the WAC and CUSA) has surprised some in the SEC. The Aggies have two losses but perhaps should have run the table. It took a while to get things together. Right now they may be the best team in Division I ball.
What does that have to do with Bielema and Arkansas? Brett likes smash mouth in your face football. In that he is a good fit for the SEC until right now. The big boys in the SEC are going to install quicker offenses with a faster paced game plan likely. If not they will be contending with Aggie dominance. I don't think that is Bielema's brand of football. Time will tell.......

Perhaps the strangest thing I have seen is is Tuberville leaving Texas Tech to go to, of all places, Cincinnati.  I could understand if he took a job at say, Tennessee or Arkansas but just can't understand a move to the Big East. If he was fired at TTU that would be one thing but as I understand it he is making the move just to be making the move. The only thing I can think of is he wants to go somewhere where he has a chance of dominance. Cincinnati has been turned down in their bid to move on to another conference and it is quite likely that Cincinnati will consistently be top dog in that league. I never really liked Tuberville anyway.......way over rated.

As usual coaches are leaving smaller programs to the "big time." Willie Taggart has foolishly left his alma mater to coach USF and Gus Malzhan has moved onto Auburn from Arkansas State. I understand the desire to move into the big time certain, but one has to pick and chose very carefully these days. Malzhan perhaps made the right choice. Taggart might not have.

Dykes has left Louisiana Tech for Cal. A step up for certain especially if the reports are true that Louisiana Tech administration shot themselves in the foot and screwed the team and fans out of a bowl game. He better find a defensive coordinator though. Dykes obviously knows nothing about things on that side of the ball.

What can one say about Dave Doeren? He leaves NIU right before the biggest game in school history and takes a job at NC State? NC State? The ACC is a good basketball conference but dismal in football. I guess it makes sense that, with the ACC being weak on the grid iron, that Doeren figures he might find his way back into a BCS game. I am sure the money is much better but still.......One would have thought he could have waited a few weeks. I suppose that Dave Doeren is just another scumbag....

Can't say that I am all that surprised.  

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