Friday, December 7, 2012

Over Some Kind of Cliff Or Not

The big deal right now is the so called "fiscal cliff" that we are probably not going to avoid any time soon. The Dems are blaming the Republicans for "obstruction" or some such while the Republicans are trying to paint the Democrats as out of touch with reality children.

Supposedly if the Republicans don't cave, we will all be paying substantially more in Federal type income taxes. If they do "make a deal" we will all get a "tax cut" except of course for the "folks" that make a very healthy income. (Well there will be that added "revenue" that comes from closing "loopholes").
 The Republicans generally don't want taxes to go up for anyone including the so called "rich." I agree mostly with the right wingers here. I don't want anyone to be taxed more, or to be more clear, I don't want anyone who actually pays income taxes to be indebted to an out of control and incompetent federal government one bit more than they already are. As for those who pay no income taxes; well those "folks" need to chip in also. The only way that would be possible would be a "flat tax or some sort of national sales tax I would guess. Or so some say. Another subject.

What really needs to be done is cut federal spending. Yes that might just mean closing outmoded and unnecessary govt agencies, It will also mean consolidation to remedy redundancy. Some will lose their "jobs" in the process to be sure.
 Perhaps even some of our military needs to be looked at for cuts, without impacting defense capability of course. After all, anyone who has ever been in the military knows darn good and well that fully 15 percent of those serving really do nothing but sit around with their thumbs in their hindquarters. It is even worse for many federal agencies. I know. I have been around the block. Served my time in the service and have known more than a few that work(ed) for the govt of DC in civilian capacity.  A friend of mine actually is employed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (or whatever it is now called), and has told me that he does "absolutely nothing." Good job if you can get it. This is not an isolated case I can assure you.

Spending cuts and no escalation of taxes is what most grown up Americans would wish for this Christmas. Won't happen though.

Well you know, there is one thing that I certainly disagree with on the Republican (and some on the Democrat) side. All this talk of "entitlements" are not just targeting asinine grants to various entities and what not. They are talking my Social Security and Medicare (which, Allah willing, I will use at some point just like all the other older folk). These are indeed entitlements. I paid into the system and so I am entitled (by God) to get some bang for my buck. If not, well, they can just refund all the money paid right back into my account. (They know the number). With interest. The kind of interest that the IRS charges "delinquent" taxpayers.

The issue seems really pretty complicated and the lies are flying out of South Side Slim's mouth just as fast as they are from those on the right I'll wager. I have not paid as much attention to the issue as I should probably. It is hard to when the intricacies of the BCS are much more interesting.  Besides, whatever these fools in DC do, we can all be assured that it will come to no good.

The most important thing that the Federal Govt is charged with is not fucking us up. Unfortunately that is about the only thing that those folk do really well.

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