Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wanking on a Wednesday

Do you wonder what our country has come to when we have a president who admits to have eaten what is considered in this country a family pet? How far we have fallen. I was going to say something about the dignity of the office and then I thought of William Jefferson and Tricky Dick. Still, a dog? Good Lord! We have degenerated to this?

Buying tires is tiresome (no pun). They are expensive and there are just things one would rather spend the limited funds on. After making a tire purchase I was driving home and listening to Hannity on the radio. I am no fan of Sean but he did make a very good point. He said that conservatives are not anti government; but rather believe that a limited govt should do the things it is tasked with very well. I like that. Unfortunately we have a bloated govt and, for the most part, they don't do things all that well.

I was reading Mish's column this morning and noted that he reports a possible new govt intelligence agency is in the works. Really? We should really consolidate what we have and get rid of the dead weight. As it stands now they compete and step on each others' dick. We are told that this problem has been alleviated after the attacks of Sept 11, 2001. I don't believe it. Do you?

The Trayvon thing has dropped a bit out of the news of late. Good. It was becoming a bore. This Zimmerman has been arrested and now is the time to let the system do what the system was designed to do. Of course if the "wrong" verdict is announced we can expect riots and mayhem. Then we will see the spectre of the rioters burning down the neighborhood in which they live.  I have always thought that makes a great deal of sense. Perhaps an Oriental shopkeeper will defend his place of business and send someone to meet Jesus a bit early. Then the Oriental community will be demonized as somehow taking advantage of those less fortunate.  I fully understand that after things cool down it will be explained to me somehow that the whole episode was my fault in the first place.

It would probably not be a very good idea to wear an IDF hat to the Houston Galleria. It might upset the patrons.  It is perfectly OK however to wear a "Free Palestine" t shirt. The logo on the shirts are in the shape of the current nation state of Israel I might add. Imagine that. I suppose if Mustafa is that adamant about the whole "Palestinian" issue, then he should head on over and put his money where his mouth is. Instead he wears silly shirts in the safety of an upscale American shopping venue. Typical.

Does anyone really like Chuck Schumer? If so, please explain to me the attraction. He just kind of seems like a standard garden variety senatorial cocksucker to me. Folk like him are damaging a great nation. He is near as divisive as John Calhoun. Not near the man that Calhoun was however.

I guess that Roger Clemens is still trying to clear his name. Good luck with that. Innocence or guilt really doesn't matter much at this point. His legacy is ruined. I sort of feel sorry for the guy.

That is about enough.


Jayhawk said...

I am no fan of Obama, you know that since you read my blog, but I am utterly unconcerned by what his mother put on the table when he was a child. He is not responsible for that. My mother put crap on the table that utterly horrified me and I damned well ate it because I was a child and she was an adult, and that's the way the world worked back then. Children did what adults told them to do, including, "Eat your dinner."

There is plenty of valid criticism to make of Obama, we don't need to be drumming up trivial bullshit about what his mother did when he was to young to be responsible for her actions.

Bartender Cabbie said...

You are right of course however I will add that some things are just not something that should be be shared with the public in general. Eating a dog, no matter the circumstance, would be one of them.
He should have just a bit more sense of dignity.