Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Left Holding Hands With The Unspeakable? Sure They Are

Earlier I mentioned that I was having a bit of a conversation with some folk on  the site Driftglass. One of my regular readers mentioned that the Driftglass dude was the "prince of buffoonery." I would have to agree frankly. If demagoguery is a real word I would say that there is some demagoguery practiced over there. Actually I prefer dickweedery but that is neither here nor there.
At any rate, the point that I was trying to make over at this esteemed leftist site was that the music of some so called "gansta rap." is every bit as hateful as the tripe that is considered "neo nazi" music.  Most commentators disagreed. Shocking I know. Admittedly I did use the defunct German band Landser as an example of hateful music of the "right." Landser is probably about as extreme as it gets (got).

The little experience at Driftglass got me thinking a bit about other similarities between the radical left and the ultra radical right.

The state of Israel (and those Jewish in general) are most definitely the target of those on the ultra "right." I am talking about Klan and Neo Nazi type groups. That goes without saying perhaps. It is interesting however that some of these groups (mostly)of European origin seem to have a problem deciding among themselves if the Muslims or the Jews should be the target of their ire. (Jews have not been implicated in any terrorist activities in Europe that I am aware of. Just saying.)

Interestingly enough, the same type thing can be seen from those on the left. Of course, unlike those on the fringe "right", the Muslim gets a pass. To many leftists the problems with some Muslims can be blamed on the West. This is a related subject for another time perhaps though.

When one hears from the left of  Israeli "terrorism"; divestment campaigns; and campus harassment of Jewish students (right here in this country), one has to notice that this comes from the left. There is no denying it. Right there for all to see.

It seems odd frankly. Israel is the only democracy in the region although the short sighted support of "democratic" movements in area Muslim lands may change that. To our detriment I might add. (That also is another subject however).

I have had in the past reservations about the state that is Israel. I am too young to remember the USS (USNS?)Liberty incident although I am fully aware of what happened. Frankly the ship should have been avenged with the destruction of an Israeli air wing at the time. Cowardice and politics at the highest level likely prevented this. The episode colors many older folks opinion of the Jewish state to this day. Understandable. I also am aware of the push by many to release the spy Pollard from custody. Wrong. The man, an American citizen, passed information of a sensitive nature to Israel. He needs to stay in prison.

That being said however I remember well the rejoice in the adjacent lands after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2011. Like it was yesterday. I lost a great deal of the sympathy for the plight of the "Palestinians" after witnessing this.

Israel is a very small nation surrounded by those who are bent on her destruction and perhaps even the extermination of her people. This a very real. So when I hear the odius ultra "right" speak out against the nation and Jewish people in general, I know that they dream of destruction. When I hear the leftists speak of the "crimes" of the Israeli, I know that they dream the same. The only real difference is that the neo nazi would like to do the job themselves while some leftists would like to watch someone else put in the work.

Interesting how the radicals from both extremes meet at the same place. Time and time again.


Jayhawk said...

Cabbie, I think you're onto something here, but the last line sort of escapes me. Were you trying for "the extremes from both sides" meeting at the same place? That would be a rather awesome thought, and it sort of seems to be where you were headed, but the "radicals from both extremes" seems a little out in left field.

Bartender Cabbie said...

What I mean is that those who operate on the fringe ie the extreme positions of what is considered "left or right" can be very similar in many ways.