Monday, September 18, 2017

Just A Few Things Along with a Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee Sighting

 Nothing much to report really. College football has been somewhat interesting....a couple of "upsets" of note although I'm not really certain that Memphis' victory over UCLA or Northern Illinois over Nebraska can really qualify as major upsets.

  I did go to the Bayou Bucket Saturday last. For the uninitiated the "Bayou Bucket" is a rivalry game that is played periodically between the University of Houston and Rice. I have been to a number of them and I believe this is the first time I have ever witnessed the Cougars emerge in the W column. The game? An uninteresting blowout to be sure. UH may have a top 25 team,...too early to tell. It will be a long year for the Owls...not too early to tell that certain.
  The most interesting part of the evening was no doubt halftime. First responders were honored and standing among the various folks was none other than Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee. Not real sure what the congresswoman did during the storm (Harvey) to be of much help other than getting her mug (and "hair") on the tube a couple of times which of course provided some much needed comedy relief. Oh, the announcer called Sylvester Turner, (mayor of Houston), Sylvester Stallone on the PA system. By damn that was funny.

Funny indeed.

Till next time......

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