Sunday, October 19, 2014

Week 9 2014 College Football Forecast and Predictions

The big FSU/Notre Dame game is in the books with the Seminoles coming away with a victory albeit a controversial (perhaps) penalty in the last seconds against the Irish that would have put them in the W column. Looked like a legitimate penalty but it has become somewhat of an issue. Be that as it may, the Seminoles were victorious and will likely find themselves in the first spot in some of the national polls especially since Mississippi State had the weekend off. One thing is certain though, Notre Dame is back as a force to reckon with on the national scene and for the first time in years, is not over rated. A legitimate Top 10 team and no mistake.

One can say the same probably for the Tide. The loss to Ole Miss and the close call with the Hogs were put behind them in the utter demolishing of the Aggies. I expected victory but certainly did not see that coming. The loss margin should put the Texas team just out of the Top 25 this week.

The Razorbacks just can't seem to quit shooting themselves in the foot. Week after week. There were chances to win against the Aggies and of course the Tide. Last week they came roaring back on the Bulldogs in the second half after the mostly self inflicted disaster that was the first. If I was Brett I would have an open call for tryouts in the kicking game. The Razorback kicking game is a disaster. The worst in the country I'm sure. That, at least, would be a start. The team is snake bit.

Over in the Big Twelve, Baylor fell to an under the radar and pretty darn good WVU squad. Dana needs a good season to keep his job probably and this win was needed. Oklahoma State has been exposed. Just too much inconsistency in Stillwater.
One could say the same of the Sooners perhaps (or perhaps not). They have the most talent in the conference to be sure but something is a bit off this season and their second conference loss may put them out of contention for the Big Twelve title and almost certainly drops them from consideration to be included in the college football "playoff."
KSU is right there but there is a lot of football left to be played. The Wildcats are a good team but will be challenged for the remainder of the schedule. Texas up next for them......

Last week the BartenderCabbie System was 5-5 for a total this season of 55-25. On to the predictions for Week 9.....

1. Arkansas State vs Louisiana Cajuns: Another Tuesday night match up and it could be a good one. The Cajuns seemed to get back on track last week and the Red Wolves are probably the team to beat in the Sun Belt. Go with the team from Arkansas.

2. Miami vs Virginia Tech: Evenly matched? Hard to say. After the Hokies win over Ohio State put them on the radar early, their season has imploded. The Hurricanes may be better than some think and I will go with them for the win. Could be close. It is likely Miami will be the only team left in the ACC with a shot of knocking FSU down a peg. That one is down the road and will be one to watch.......

3. Texas vs KSU: KSU had a very good win over the Sooners and Texas found a way to knock Iowa State off in the last seconds. That one looked like it would go into overtime but, like the Hogs of the SEC, the Cyclones are snake bit. This will be a close game and KSU will come away with a victory.

4. Ole Miss vs LSU: Is this the week that the Rebs finally lose one? Probably not, but LSU is quite capable of pulling off the upset if Ole Miss falters any. That being said, go with the team from Mississippi.

5. Michigan vs Michigan State: One of the two games the Wolverines must win if Brady has any hope of keeping his job. They won't. Go with MSU here.

6. WVU vs Oklahoma State: Another good one? Depends on which OSU team shows up. Go with the team from West Virginia although the Cowboys probably won't get stomped like they did last week in their visit to Fort Worth.

7. Georgia Southern vs Georgia State: Although Arkansas State is the team to beat in the Sun Belt, Georgia Southern is right there in the mix. This team will be find success in this conference after moving up from the lower division. Go with GSU here.

8. Boise State vs BYU: This one is a toss up. The Broncos are a good Mountain West team and BYU could still, before all is said and done, find themselves back in the top 25. Well maybe not. The loss of their exceptional starting QB derailed them but they can be a pretty good team none the less. I will flip that coin and go with the Cougars.

9. FAU vs Marshall: Go with the Herd. They may well run the table in CUSA.

10. Memphis vs SMU: The Tigers need a victory to get back on track and there appears to be no better place to do so than at Southern Methodist. Go with Memphis here.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

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