Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bimbo Harris-Perry and Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee Strike Again

I have refrained for a while about getting into anything other than my opium - college football. Love the game and my half baked, often slightly biased, and sometimes downright wrong analysis of of college teams and contests rivals that in win and loss predictions of so called "experts." Better than quite a few if truth be told. Be that as it may, that is not what I am wanting to speak of right about now.

There are a plethora of major problems in the nation and the world that deserve attention. (Some deserve to be ignored by the U.S but that is another story entirely.) ISIS and other assorted Mohammedan gangs are always an issue with this ISIS (ISIL) crew (among others) perhaps posing a real danger to the Western world (not to mention their immediate neighbors, "rival" religion, etc.) The Ebola thing has become a problem, Russia flexing her muscles, the open southern border, ineptness and idiocy from the federal level of govt, etc. etc. etc. is enough to wear on the nerves. Of course the non stop blathering on what passes for "news outlets" doesn't really help matters either.

Recently the Ebola thing has taken the headlines away from the Oklahoma beheading and even our continuing war with Islam. (What's that you say? Not at war with the religion of peace? My bad, as the kids say). Yes folks right now Ebola is the hot ticket on the news and luckily for those of us interested in good comedy - Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee has spouted some priceless dumbassery on the subject.
 Her little speaking engagement at the Houston big airport on the "eboler" crises was above and beyond. Why Sheila does not have her own comedy hour somewhere is beyond me. After speaking at length about "eboler" (trying to portray herself as an expert of sorts), she then informed a grateful nation that we did not need to conduct a "witch hunt." Not quite sure what she meant there but, to give credit where credit due, at least Dumbass Lee was attempting in her own typical bizarre way to shed some light on the very serious subject of public health.

Now this Melissa Harris-Perry is something else entirely. Of all the idiots at MSNBC she wears the crown. Holds the blue ribbon so to speak. Think of one as liberal (or more) as Maddow but not endowed with near the intelligence. Think what you will about Rachel, but it would be hard for an honest person to consider her "dumb." Many do not like her but to dismiss her as stupid would be the prerogative of the blind to any objectiveness. There is no such problem when one speaks or thinks of this Harris-Perry. She is an idiot and there is no dispute. She reminds me a bit of leftist internet blogger and "podcaster" (whatever that is) D r i f t g l a s s  - a well spoken (written) fool.
Perry's latest rant dismissing the Oklahoma beheading as "workplace violence" (and nothing more) stinks of pig headedness.  She is right for certain that the incident was a case of "workplace violence" but it goes much further than that. It was a political statement by a supporter (wannabe) of ISIS. She is right up there with all the deniers that the shooting at Fort Hood a while back was a case of "workplace violence" with no pseudo religious/political overtones. Funny thing, I would imagine that this Harris-Perry garbage knows, deep down, that the attack was motivated by some sick religious fervor, but chooses to be obtuse and deny it (for ratings and notoriety likely).  Not only deny it but with her arrogance and effrontery imply (without saying it) that those who know otherwise are somehow evil and racist. Stupid woman this Harris-Perry and no mistake.

Between the ridiculous excuse for a journalist Harris- Perry and the comedic absurdities of Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee, I would actually place Harris-Perry (What's up with that hyphenated name baby?)  above Lee in the dumbass category. Far above. Lee tends to think that her blathering means something and we, collectively, want and need to hear them for our own good while Perry is nothing more than a vicious, racist, fool.

Considering Harris-Perry a mere dumbass though might be a mistake. If she had a job that mattered (such as the one Sheila holds) she would be dangerous.

Thankfully she is just a forgettable dolt. Mere toilet paper as it were.


Jayhawk said...

Maddow is indeed not stupid. She is incredibly dishonest, but not stupid. I cannot watch her because I cannot stomach the endless giggling. Making jokes about murder and mayhem sickens me.

Harris-Perry is everything you say she is; racist, dishonest and stupid.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I don't know how any rational person can stand the sight of her. She must have fans. Even MSNBC would ditch here if she didn't. Guess I'm the one out of touch.