Monday, March 18, 2013

Random Bull

I have not really had much to say of late. Have been rather busy, but mostly just have not been in the mood for much "blogging." Still not. Guess the "inspiration" will come to me soon and I will be motivated. Or not. Be that as it may, I suppose I will make a few observations this fine evening......

Recently I had business up near the metropolis of Hope, Ar. Not much there really but just north of I-30 the country gets rather hilly and worth looking at. A fisherman's paradise they say and I would believe it. There are numerous good sized lakes....On thing about this Hope is that it is the birthplace of Slick Willy, in fact there is a sign on the freeway advertising the "National Historic Site" that is the home of Clinton. I guess that is something. I suppose that Obama's birthplace sign in Honolulu would read something like "Alleged Birthplace of B. Obama/National Historic Site or "Birthplace of Barack Obama (Allegedly)."

This sequester thing is still in the news. A bunch of brouhaha over not much it seems. The administration has tried to scare the country with the falsehood that our national defense is compromised. That along with the release of criminal aliens is nothing more than grandstanding on the part of the administration. Cut what needs to be cut (a full 30percent of the federal workforce) and leave what is vitally important alone.

I wonder who Tony Larussa voted for in the Papal elections what with him being a Cardinal and all.  Are the ballots secret?

I suppose I will have to turn on my spam blocker again at some point. It is such a pain in the ass for those who wish to comment though but lately the spam has been out of control. A lot of it is about masturbation of late. As if I ever needed a lesson in that pastime.

This morning I happened to tune into MSNBC to see what was up on the "Morning Joe" show. Don't know why. About one minute into the segment there was footage of Palin drinking a giant soft drink. For whatever reason the bimbo on the show seemed to get rather angry and walked off the set. I suppose that this is the Brzezinski woman that ranted and raved the other day when a judge overturned some leftist facism over large soft drinks. Perhaps it was a different person...?

Morrissey, an entertainer, apparently boycotted the Jimmy Kimmel show recently over the scheduled appearance of the guys from the hit television show Duck Dynasty. Should have been no real big deal. The majority of the audience would rather see the old Duck guys than Morrissey anyway. Morrissey is dated news for most. I like the guy frankly or to be more accurate I like his music. He really only had one hit worth mentioning probably but he does have talent no doubt. His body of work (as they say) is rather impressive.
I don't watch (or not watch) a minstrel on television or film because of their politics and the same goes for a musical performer. I don't want to hear their views on various issues any more than I want to hear the views of the local green grocer. Do you?

I warned you I didn't have much to say. Enjoy some early Morrissey when he was the front man for The Smiths.


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