Sunday, March 24, 2013

And the Tournament Continues

I have watched quite a bit of the NCAA D1 basketball tournament this past week (along with a little CBI and women's tourney) and have come to the conclusion that Louisville is the team to beat. I have not watched Indiana though and some say they are a team that can easily earn the title. Time will tell...

After watching 16th seeded Southern give Gonzaga all they could handle the other day, it was no real surprise that Wichita State "shocked" us all by beating them in round two. Gonzaga is just not all that good.

Memphis and KSU are out. Again not a real surprise. I like both teams but don't think they are near in the same league with Louisville, Duke, Indiana or perhaps the Jayhawks of Kansas. Speaking of the Jayhawks, they have a tough one coming up with NC. Should be a good game.

Miami has not really been talked about so much. I don't know why. Perhaps it is because they are not typically a basketball "power" and are being overlooked? I wouldn't rule them out for an appearance in the final four.

It is a shame that SDSU and this years' Cinderella team; Florida Gulf Coast, have to meet next. I like both but only one of them will move on. My money is on the Aztecs.

There is quite a bit of talk about the "surprise" that is Oregon. They are doing a fine job thus far but no one is really saying much about the other 12th seed that is still in the game. Ole Miss is still there and they may be at their peak at this point. We will see if they can stay alive.

It would be fun if one of the non traditional power teams goes all the way this year.

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