Saturday, March 9, 2013

Party Bartender Available for Lawyer Funerals.

My thoughts have been on lawyers of late. Don't really know why. I have no current or upcoming legal issues (that I am aware of). Thankfully. I don't care much for lawyers even though I am fairly certain I would have been quite good. Having a conscience and being basically a non bastard, I would not have been able to work defending some major conglomerate that is in the business of screwing people over but, hey, that's just me.

Watching a good lawyer in action, like watching an accomplished actor, is entertaining and interesting. I, unfortunately, have had the opportunity of watching (and being on the receiving end) of a talented attorney ramming me and mine in an insurance dispute years back. He knew his business, was ruthless scum,  got the job done for his client and I certainly wanted to hit him in the mouth with a stick (as any lawyer should be now and again. Here and there as it might be).  My "co-attorneys?" He made them look like the bumbling buffoons that they were. Live and learn. When the need arises to hire trash, make darn sure that the trash is smart and cold bloodedly ruthless. I guess I should take this opportunity to point out that our adversary was Allstate Ins. Anyone who has been around for any length of time knows what they are about.

A friend of mine used to run a mid level catering firm in the area and I would help him out from time to time. At one point he took on a "team" of attorneys who were representing DOW Chemical against an older gentlemen whose health (and life) was (allegedly)ruined by some action or other on the part of the large conglomerate. They (the law firm) was paying top dollar for catering service (lunch and dinner) and my friend paid top wages (as far as such things go) to deliver, set up, and break down. I had some reservations about working with these people but did the job I was hired to do. Of course the legal mercenaries ran roughshod over the poor old dude. It wasn't a fair fight. Numerous (Yankee) attorneys, paralegals, and clerks setting up shop in one of the few decent hotels down Freeport, Tx. way against one old dude and his local yokel lawyer.

I'm pretty sure those corporate litigation attorneys didn't have trouble sleeping at night. They didn't seem like that kind of folk to me.

On a side note, during one dinner "set up" I did drop some rolls on the floor. No I didn't feed them the tainted fare. Crossed my mind perhaps..........How could it not?

This  professional bartender will come out of retirement at any time for a lawyer funeral. Chocolate fountain and DJ service available on request.

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