Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jimmy Buffett? Gotta Give The Man Credit

I have never in my life been to a Jimmy Buffett show until Saturday night. I really dislike that Caribbean Cowboy crap. A friend of mine is a "Parrothead" however and has been after me to go with him to a show for quite some time. I did drag him to Rammstein last week so I guess turn about is fair play. As it turned out, it was a somewhat interesting, although not totally enjoyable experience.

For starters I wasn't going at 8am to "tailgate" with the Parrot folk. That would just be a little too much time in the hot sun for me and besides, after years of bartending and taxi driving, I have had more than my fill of drunks. Way more than my fill. I did however, show up around 4pm and found the party in full swing. I was fully prepared to laugh at these Buffet groupies (err Parrot heads) but found them to be a pretty decent group of folk. Dressed a little silly most but then again there was some opportunity for poon gazing. Ample opportunity. Something to be said there. Shortly thereafter things began to go a little south.

As we entered the venue, one of my friends drew the attention of a local yokel. You know the type. A part time  "peace officer" who has a hard on for someone he does not like the looks of. Long and short my friend was arrested for "public intoxication." Really a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I witnessed the event and frankly was flabbergasted that this officious fuck was actually making an arrest for basically nothing. The whole issue was not resolved until approx 5am when my friend was released with nothing more than a ticket.

In Texas unfortunately the police do not have to prove or even test for intoxication to issue a PI. It is not like a DUI. It is used mainly as an excuse to arrest those who draw their ire. Perhaps when they have had enough street and free coffee time that particular night and want something to do to get off the road. Any warm body will do and of course with the average fine being about five hundred bucks (so I hear) with time served, it becomes pretty profitable for the various agencies.

I certainly am no (real) cop hater but as someone who has spent a lifetime around police officers I have come to the conclusion that a substantial minority of them have no business being in that line of work. Or any line of work for that matter.  I have known some, who ran around in public armed, that should have been wards of the state themselves. Or at least not allowed to leave their homes. I have learned to look at police officers with a jaded eye. Many are not to be trusted. It should not be that way but there you have it.

Back to this Buffett. He has made riches off selling the rather silly Caribbean lets just get drunk and screw dream to the masses. Have to give him credit. As for the Parrot folk? Have fun with all that.

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