Thursday, June 10, 2010

Taken to Task

I have been taken to task on a couple of issues. Yes Sir, taken to task indeed. The other day I mentioned in one of my oft read (lol) rants that Libertarian(ism) is a prescription for anarchy. I live in Ron Paul country and that type of thinking can tend to be anathema around here. Now these folks are not what I would call conservative, many have no use whatsoever for the federal, state and sometimes local government. A good many are true Libertarians. Now I do agree that there needs to be drastic reduction in the size of the federal and state government - after all, do we really need the Bureau of Indian Affairs? I also totally agree that the feds need to get the heck out of people's business and get the hell out of the way, but an almost complete dismantling of the federal government is ridiculous. I stand by my statement. True Libertarianism (is that a word?) may be a prescription for disaster.

I have also been reprimanded on my use of the word "Mohammedan(s)." I have been informed that this is insulting verbiage and is in the same vein as using the "N" word. In response I must ask a question. Have you ever seen the old Viagra television commercials featuring ex major league great Rafael Palmeiro? If Viagra is good enough for Rafael then it is good enough for me. If the term "Mohammedan" is good enough for Winston Churchill and Bertrand Russell to describe the followers of the Prophet well then it is good enough for me too.

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