Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup Coverage - Not

I sure will be glad when the "World Cup" is over. Futbol is for the most part a pretty uninteresting sport to watch. About the only thing of interest in the whole thing is watching the crowd. In that it is kind of like NASCAR. Most people watch NASCAR to see the spectacular crashes and I would imagine that many glance at "futbol" hoping to see some kind of riot.
On the rare occasions that I do check out the game it is only to watch the English (Barclays)Premier League, the NFL of soccer. It is fun to listen to the fans drunkenly sing in the stands and plus the teams have cool names. The team from Arsenal has perhaps the best name in professional sports anywhere. I have an Arsenal Gunners t shirt just because I love the name and the logo.
Here in the USA soccer continues to gain popularity. There is now of course a professional league that actually has a chance to stand on its own. I personally would not pay 50 cents to go see it, but to each his own. Soccer is probably a good sport for children to play as it is, for the most part, a non contact sport. Oh sure, you can get hurt, but you can get injured walking from the living room to the kitchen. It is without doubt good exercise and a good way to keep fit. It is also pretty fun to play, but to watch it is like pulling teeth.
Now with that being said, it will not be too long before the USA is the top dog in the exciting world of "futbol." This is can be viewed as both good and bad I guess depending on your perspective. At any rate it is apparent that soccer is here to stay despite the fact that it is viewed by many as just somehow "Un American."
That reminds me of something. Do you remember a few years back when Iran beat the USA in some sort of multi national soccer match? The Iranians jumped for joy and ran around like maniacs. One would have though that the Prophet himself had shown up and scored the winning goal. Sports Talk great Jim Rome commented that he hoped the Iranians were happy with themselves but that they should realize that the USA is much better than they at the only sport that really matters - War.

I liked that.

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