Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BartenderCabbie System College Football Top 25 9/30/2014

The college football season now is going into the sixth week and, while there is a lot of question mark, some of the cream is rising to the top.

1. FSU: An escape from a better than expected NC State team nearly knocked them out of the top spot. Likely interchangeable with Oklahoma and Alabama at this point. The Bartendercabbie System will stick with the AP in this matter. For now.

2. Oklahoma: Looking like a team on the move. Could be number one. Could be number three.

3. Alabama: Could be interchangeable with number one or two.

4. Oregon: Top notch but there have been a few red flags.

5. Auburn: No reason (yet) to keep them out of the top 5.

6. Baylor: Still hard to say what they have certain. Looking good but a very weak schedule thus far.

7. Michigan State: Best of the Big Ten. Wisconsin at their heels. Ohio State? Hard to say.

8. Notre Dame: A legitimate top 10 team? Perhaps. Perhaps not. 

9. Texas Agriculture: May be ranked a bit high here. Or not.

10. UCLA: Another PAC 12 team with some question marks? You bet. Still the record shows.....

11. Mississippi: Had a good bit of trouble with Memphis last week. Thing is, the Tigers might be a top 25 team this season.

12. Mississippi State: Good team. Perhaps under rated what with them being Mississippi State and all.

13. Wisconsin: Up and coming. Could challenge in the Big Ten.

14. LSU: Yeah. Maybe.

15. Georgia: Have probably reached the pinnacle of success in the polls.

16. Stanford: Off a tad. We will see what they (and Notre Dame) are really made of directly.

17. BYU: A dangerous team for anyone at this point.

18. USC: A legitimate top 25 squad this season. What a difference a year makes.

19. Kansas State: Snyder will do more with a little. It is what he (usually) does.

20. North Carolina State: Really? Yep.  Perhaps a team on the move. Had FSU on the ropes. What happened?

21. Arkansas: The Hogs? Yes. Their run oriented offense will bother some folk in the SEC. Their defense will need to step up. Thrown the record out the window. For now.

22. Nebraska: The McNeese State near loss sticks out with this team. They are capable of dismal play. Perhaps ranked a bit high.

23. Ohio State: Have a lot to prove yet. Coaching staff may be the problem here. Loads of talent.

24. Oklahoma State: Not sure what they have yet really. Appear to be deserving. At this point.

25. East Carolina: Could be for real. Well coached.

On the brink in no particular order.
1. Missouri: May deserve to be in. Excellent win over a fairly decent South Carolina squad.
2. Memphis: This team should make some noise as conference play opens. Tough group. Much better than your standard Tiger squad.
3. Duke: Well coached group who could sneak in.
4. Miami: Ditto
5. Northern Illinois: Best of the MAC. Would likely need to run the conference schedule.
6. South Carolina: I would not count Spurrier out quite yet.
7. Arizona State: On the brink. Coached by an ass who does know how to get things done.
8. Arizona: Probably not after this upcoming Thursday night.
9. Maryland: Looks like they might be able to compete in the Big Ten after all.
10. TCU: Have played a very weak schedule. We will see what they really have pretty quick when they meet the Sooners. A good performance (even a "good" loss) will propel them into the bottom section of the Top 25. A win? Who knows.
11. Air Force: Perhaps. Will need to beat their Academy foes and pretty much run the table the rest of the way. They looked pretty good the other day.
12. Boise State: Will need to run the table the rest of the way. New coach has his work cut out for him. They were down a good bit even before Peterson split for "greener pastures."
13. Clemson: Still a slight possibility. Well coached. Little depth it seems.
14. Louisville: Not convinced. Coach is a proven winner though (along with being a horse ass).
15. Cincinnati: Fairly commendable performance against the Buckeyes. Not a fan of coach T.
16. Georgia Tech: Good record thus far. A team to keep an eye on. Could work their way in shortly.
17. West Virginia: Has a shot at the Top 25. Coach is likely on the hot seat at this point.
18. Marshall: Probably the best of CUSA. Could conceivably run the table in conference play.
19. Washington: Would have to improve. Well coached, but is that coach in the right place?
20 Temple: Better than anyone would expect at this point. Wouldn't that be something?
21. Nevada: Hmmm. Worth watching. Perhaps.
22. ULM: Could be if they run the Sun Belt. Unlikely proposition. A lot of parity probably among some of the old guard (Cajuns, Arkansas State), and perhaps one of the newcomers (Georgia Southern). A real long shot.

May have forgotten someone who is on the brink or has a legitimate shot. UVA perhaps?

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

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