Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Truth and Questions From the Cab #6 With Rule 5

There are a lot of things going on the in world and country and a good bit of it is really a pretty big deal. Wars and rumors of wars and what to do all about it seems to be the biggest thing right now....World Cup and the IRS "scandal?" Not so much.

1. Sheila Jackson Lee has not uttered very much dumbassery of late that I am aware of. No matter. She is a dumbass and nothing can be done about it.

2. The World Cup is in full swing and one hopes the crew from the U.S. does well but it is somehow just not becoming of an American to really give it too much thought.

3. The College World Series is far more interesting than the kickball that is being played way down south of the border.

4. Somehow one gets the feeling that all these children that have suddenly shown up on our southern border have been led here by the false impressions that they are just free to come on in. They will be of course. This country just won't turn them back or send them away. Wonder where folk got the impression that it was just A OK and Jim Dandy to send their children north. You know the answer to that don't you? I think you do.

5. The IRS "scandal" sure is making the news. Wonder what is going on with all that? Not like we didn't know they were a bunch of scumbags at that agency or anything. Is anyone surprised they are now "under investigation?" Or something.

6. The scandal at the Veterans Administration is another thing entirely. Most Vets who have had dealings with any VA medical facility (yours truly included) know that there is a good deal of red tape and a certain amount of incompetence in the administrative depts, but who among us knew that it had reached the point where they may actually be harming (yes killing) Vets by default? That is a travesty and the IRS thing pales in comparison.  Someone probably needs some jail time from both of these esteemed agencies.

7. It has been reported that some folk working at the IRS actually receive a bonus just like some in the private sector. In government service at any level there should never be any type of monetary bonus whatsoever. Or do you disagree?

8. There is a very real concept called, in some circles, balance of power. George I understood this perhaps by leaving Saddam just enough of a military force to be at least somewhat of a counter to Iran. George II should have taken this lesson to heart.

9. Who do we root for in the now combined Syrian/Iraq civil war? Certainly won't be these ISIL (ISIS) folks. Not the other Mohammedan "rebels" either. This whole mess is rather complicated and really should have no bearing on what we do here other than the fact that the very complex conflict may raise the price of a gallon of gasoline. If that starts to occur well then someone will have to be bombed. Won't they? Who though? As a friend of mine says "it doesn't really matter who because they are all the same" Hmmmm..

10. If we do strike the Mohammedans of ISIL will that somehow be helpful to the Iranians? Now that would be a conundrum of sorts. Wouldn't it?

11. Would it be prudent to support the Kurds somehow to keep the Islamists at bay? I don't know.  Do you?

12. Shouldn't we tell (our friends) the Saudis and other such folk that it is time to quit supporting these Islamist types or just perhaps someone might feel the need to just declare the oil riches and resources in their environs "ours?"

13. Isn't Hezbollah (Hisbullah, Hesbullah, whatever) on the side that is fighting against these ISIL and other assorted Sunni groups? Don't we owe those fine folk a little payback? If we attacked the Sunni Islamists, would we be helping these slimy bastards? Perhaps my friend is right after all.

14. Assad and Company over in Syria are some evil folk to be sure, but have you noticed that his forces were not in a position or really not all that interested in challenging Israel conventionally. Of course they used their proxy (the aforementioned Hezbollah) to annoy the Israelis but that is really all they could do. Whoever comes to power next in the new Syrian/Iraqi "Caliphate" won't be in a position to attack Israel either. That won't stop them though. Attack they will once they consolidate power in the region. Oh the "Free Syrian Army" which is supposedly supported by the West won't be winning here and will likely fade away (if they are lucky) as the Islamists become more dominant.

15. Doesn't it seem silly when our current POTUS and our SecState comment on things that "need to be done" in this sad part of the world? This area has slipped from any control by anyone and the events will play out as they will play out. Our political leadership looks just stupid making any comment what so ever.

16. Ukraine has been put a bit on the back burner a bit by the various "news" organizations. The issue hasn't ended however and it has potential to spin out of control. Certainly there will be further statements forthcoming from our administration on the matter. Perhaps another line in the sand or sanction or something.

17. It was perhaps a dangerous blunder to allow the small Baltic States membership into NATO. It would be a further blunder to invite Moldova, Georgia, or even Finland. One thing about Soviets though, they are fearful likely of pushing Finland around. Not that anyone in Moscow has made mention of Finland of late. Not officially.

20. I heard that Secretary of State of the United States, one John Kerry, has chided the Iraqi government for letting their border situation get out of control. Now that is funny. Damned if Kerry shouldn't share a stage with Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee with his act.

21. Why does spell check flag "Islamist" as if it is not a real word or something? 

Enough of all this talk of the continuing war(s) in the sad lands, corrupt govt entities, and idiotic political personages. Please enjoy some Rule 5. Back for another appearance is the lovely and talented Brenda Song. Now this is one pretty woman and there is no dispute.


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