Sunday, June 8, 2014

Truth and Questions From The Cab #5 with Rule 5

Time is short today so let's just get right to it.

1. Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee is a dumbass. Nothing can be done.

2. There seems to be a lot of blabber and bother about the prisoner exchange. Some folks happy. Some not. The footage of the release was pretty interesting though and no doubt. Other than that? Not much of a story really...Unless it turns out we implanted some microchips somewhere in the various Taliban commanders frame's. Perhaps even some sort of exploding kind (of course it can be done. We sent people to the moon didn't we?) Now that would be a news story. A news story worth watching.

3. Why does the current POTUS call the Taliban the "Tollybon?" Why does he call Pakistan "Pockeeston?" Hasn't anyone told him that the way things are pronounced in this country is just the way things are pronounced?

4. When in a job interview and one finds the early thirty something lad in charge is arrogant, knows nothing about the chemical trucking business, explains to one how crappy his current traffic people are, and then explains that his background is in the soft drink industry, it is probably best to not laugh out loud. Further is is not going to win one any kudos when one points out that it is obvious the problems with his terminal are likely not his people but him. Still awaiting the phone call informing me of my imminent hiring..Guess I'll be toiling away for a bit longer with my current bottom of the barrel firm. Or not.

5. Some folks down this hyar way brought their long guns into a local restaurant. Well it was a Chili's so restaurant may be a bit of a stretch...No matter. The point was to promote "gun rights" or some such. All they did was look foolish and perhaps even caused harm. Even the NRA folk are saying that was a stupid move.

6. Never should you let a statist fool you. These mass shootings that have happened of late give joy to many of those on the extreme left. They want them to continue and have no sympathy for any victims despite their very public blubbering. Crocodile tears at best. Some might even wish these things to continue as it helps their cause (they believe) in ultimately disarming the populace. Just a guess mind but you know I'm right. Don't you? I think you do.

7. Vlad Putin doesn't much like one H. Clinton. Does he? He might even fear her a bit. Perhaps might even think that Clinton can't possibly be as pusillanimous as the current POTUS. Speculation of course..

8. Red China may have bitten off more than she can chew now that many nations in the region seem to be flirting with each other. Kind of the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" type of thing? Probably.

9. The Clear Lake area of Houston has more Soviets in it than the NHL. NASA should clear out the pasty, spidery looking, spying bastards. Area liquor stores and those young (and not so young) ladies in "evening secretary" business might find themselves battling a recession of sorts, but that is something we will just have to live with I guess.

10. This week alone one friend had a stroke (thankfully mild if there is such a thing), another discovered he has very high blood sugar (we will be taking him out of the truck, what he will do now for work is anyone's' guess), and yet another is likely to have part of his leg lopped off (due to diabetes of course). Damn. All the aforementioned are in their early fifties. Is that when it begins?

11. My child wants to try a Turkish coffee. Why? I don't know. Could be worse for certain. Pretty sure I will drink both of course after that first sip and leave the establishment with a hair tingling caffeine buzz. A Turkish coffee is, like cunnilingus, an acquired taste. Might take a time or two to get used to but one of life's simpler but finer pleasures.

12. Is selling furniture an honorable profession? I could start tomorrow. It is good to know people in high places. Missed the "Memorial Day Sales" but what the hey...

Enough. Duty calls on a Sunday morning with another (possible) leaking trailer. My firm has a stellar IT dept but half the trailer fleet is out of service. Some is downright dangerous. Odd priorities. Better not tell the "Texas Hammer" legal group. .
How bout some Rule 5. Random Tarts anyone?


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