Monday, September 17, 2012

Predictions for Week 4 2012 College Football

There were quite a few good games last week along with a few surprises. There is still a whole lot of  big time/small fry type games this week, but that has pretty much been par for the course for a number of years. Things should start to sort themselves out in the next couple of weeks as most get teams get into the meat of their schedule. Time is short today so.......

1. Rutgers vs Arkansas: The Hogs are terrible. Flat out. Not the worst team in a BCS conference (Colorado wins that honor), but darn close. It is amazing that "experts" had the Hogs rated at number 8 before the ULM debacle. They rolled over for the Crimson Tide in week 3. Will they stage some sort of come back? Doubtful, but if they do Rutgers may be the team to help them get the ball rolling. Rutgers is 3-0 at this point, but no win was convincing and they have played nobody worth mentioning. Will the Knights roll down south and nail the Razorback coffin shut? They might. I will go with the Knights here in a very close game.

2. Baylor vs ULM: The Bears travel to Monroe to take on a very good (for the Sun Belt) team. ULM should have beaten Auburn last week and it took overtime for War Eagle to prevail. Are the Warhawks good enough to beat a Bear team that is without RGIII? Yes. Will they? Hard to say. This game is a toss up and I will go against my gut and put ULM in the winner circle.

3. TCU vs Virginia: TCU has not been tested yet and their last outing was a not very convincing victory over Kansas.  I have watched UVA this year and they are not a very good team. TCU may not be the TCU of the last two years (or maybe they are) but they should be able to handle things here. Go with the Frogs.

4. Memphis vs Duke: Duke will likely find themselves in ACC cellar and the Tigers will do the same in CUSA. Duke is the better team here and will win. Memphis may be just about as bad as Colorado.

5. Virginia Tech vs Bowling Green: The Hokies will get healthy against this MAC squad this week but it already just a bit late for all that. Any talk of  VA. Tech competing for the national championship would be much like the braying of a donkey. That being said, they should win this one.

6. NW Oklahoma State vs UTSA: UTSA is technically in D1 after apparently being rushed into the WAC as it was dissolving. However a real D1 team does not play a D2 school. That being said, the Roadrunners need to win this one. It gets somewhat harder from here on out. I would go with the team from San Antonio here.

7.  LSU vs Auburn: LSU is a good team and Auburn apparently is not. Are the rather quirky Tigers really the number two team in the land. Perhaps. Perhaps not. At least LSU is playing a major opponent in this one. A conference foe at that. I would go with the Louisiana Tigers to beat the ones from Auburn, Al. It might be closer than expected.

8. FSU vs Clemson: This one is the game of the week. FSU may be the real deal and be a challenger for "national champion.' Of course they have been saying that for a while now. They have not been tested yet and will find that test this weekend. Clemson is not Alabama or LSU good, but they may be Ohio State or USC good. Who will win this one. I will go with FSU in a hard fought, close game.

9. SDSU vs San Jose State: This game is a toss up. Both schools have hard luck it seems but the team from San Jose has perfected it. I have watched only minutes of either team and I will have to go with the Aztecs.

10. Oklahoma vs KSU: This is the other "game of the week." So far not a lot is known about the Sooners. They just have not been tested at all. KSU is a good, but not great team. I would put them probably about on the same level as a Florida, Tennessee, or perhaps Texas Agriculture. Are the Sooners a dark horse in the race to be in the big game?They might be. Stoops teams do have a way of shooting themselves in the penis and ruining their chances. KSU has a knack of ruining someones season for them. If the Sooners can stop the Wildcat run game they will win. If not? There is a good possibility they will lose. KSU is fighting mad after getting embarrassed last season. I will go out on a big limb, a very big limb,  here and predict a KSU upset.

So far my record stand at 26-4. Better than most "experts" if I say so myself. However, things get harder as the season gets in full swing and I have some very risky games this week. We will see how it all plays out.

Have a good week.


Jayhawk said...

LSU-Auburn: Are you serious? Have you watched an Auburn game? Were you being snarky with your "LSU is playing a major opponent in this one" bit? If they are even in the same stadium at the end of the game it will be "closer than expected.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I have watched Auburn twice. Most of both the Clemson game and the ULM scare. Nope not being snarky. Washington, North Texas and Idaho so far? They have not been tested although North Texas and Idaho hung around with them for a while.

While Auburn is every bit as bad as the Hogs, well almost, I don't believe the game will be a blow out. Auburn is an SEC opponent and will find a way to keep it closer than expected.

I do think that LSU and Alabama will likely be in the big game at the end of the season unless perhaps FSU (or maybe Oregon) find a way to run the table. I might have put Ohio State in there also but they are under sanction.

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

I'm really out of the loop this year. I'm glad to read this though so I can call my husband and sound impressive on the phone LOL!
He wants me to like football. I'm trying, but I'm so much better at making snacks for him to eat while he watches the games ;)

Bartender Cabbie said...

I like the college game but not so much the NFL. I am happy to spout my rather ill informed opinions on the possible outcomes, but as far as taking my advice on picking winners.......

Jayhawk said...

Listen, my best friend when I lived in Atlanta was a third generation Auburn graduate, and his son was already slated to become the fourth. I loved him like a brother and rooted for Auburn every game except the Iron Bowl. (That game was always a lively afternoon at his house, and I always got ganged up on for wearing an Alabama shirt.) So it's not like I don't care for Auburn, but... They have just looked disorganized and out of synch.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I have never been a fan of Auburn. On the contrary. I would like to see the Tigers (La.) win by double digits. It might happen, but I look for the Tigers (Auburn) to come out, play, and keep it competitive.

we will see shortly