Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Fear There Will Be Blood

The Zimmerman/Martin episode grows even murkier. Despite having not been charged, it just doesn't look good for this guy. If he is guilty of a heinous crime, then he needs to be punished according to the law. He has not been charged at this point though. Are the police that stupid or corrupt to not charge a man who is likely guilty? Perhaps so. Stranger things have happened. At any rate my money says that, despite some reported possible evidence of no foul play, he will be arrested and charged formally. The outcry is just too great. Folk are after his blood and soul. They want his balls. They want his life. (Even our esteemed president has gotten in on the act, albeit in a subtle way, it seems). The pressure will be too great to not charge the man. In fact he may well deserve being subject to charges. Perhaps he doesn't. No matter. He will be in court defending his life whether well deserved or no.

This may play out as follows:

Zimmerman will be arrested and charged.
The proceedings will be a circus with real clowns such as Jackson, Sharpton, and lessor lights banging their drums and blowing their horns (with possible violence as a direct result).
If the evidence shows that this Zimmerman is innocent of criminal activity; riots and bloodshed will follow.
If evidence shows guilt; then the death penalty will be called for by those who normally are in the anti capital punshment camp. This should surprise no one.

The whole thing could turn into one huge mess.

Let us hope not.

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