Friday, December 5, 2014

Week 15 2014 College Football Forecast and Predictions

Time is short so onto the predictions for week 15. Some rather important games on tap..........Last week the Bartendercabbie System went 5-5 for a total on the season thus far of 91-49.....

1. NIU vs Bowling Green: 1st quarter under way already and if I were a betting man I would go with the Huskies here to become the MAC Champion.

2. Louisiana Tech vs Marshall: The Herd are the better club and will come back after their near inexplicable loss to WKU last week. Go with Marshall to take the CUSA crown.  Could be close.

3. Alabama vs Mizzou: Upset here. Go with Missouri. The Tide are beatable by many just above average teams on any given day. This season anyway. Nick and Lane are not getting along and that bodes ill at some point. What the heck were they thinking in Tuscaloosa anyway hiring that damn fool Kiffin. It reminds me of what Sherman said of Judson Kilpatrick --"I know that Kilpatrick is a hell of a damn fool, but he is just the sort of man I want to lead my cavalry." Only difference is why on earth would Saban need Kiffin. He is (Kiffin) a hell of a damn fool but who would want him to lead their offense?

4. Wisconsin vs Ohio State: Another upset? Perhaps. Toss up and I will go with the Badgers.....OSU always just seems to come up short.

5. KSU vs Baylor: The Wildcats may perhaps be one of the best in the land right now. Baylor let a TTU squad come back on them last week. Go with KSU. They are playing good ball.

6. Iowa State vs TCU: The Frogs should win this one handily but think back a couple weeks when they almost let a KU squad take them. Same could happen here but, well, probably not. Go with TCU.

7. FSU vs Georgia Tech: Oh yes this one. The Seminoles find a way to win week in and week out albeit against (at times) somewhat suspect competition. I would go with them to find another way to eek one out for the win and conference championship.

8. Fresno State vs Boise State: This is really a rather huge rivalry game. BSU used to be a near perennial threat to be a BCS buster and Fresno State was usually the best of the rest. Both have fallen off in the last couple of years but this should be a good game none the less and will decide the Mountain West winner. Go with BSU in a good, tough game.

9. Arizona vs Oregon: Oregon is the quicker team but are beatable. Will the Wildcats be able to do it. No. Go with the Ducks.

10 Houston vs Cincinnati: As pretty good AAC match up. Both are good teams for the conference and are evenly matched. Never thought much of Tuberville, no matter where he coaches, and the QB change earlier in the season has somewhat revitalized the Houston club. That being said this one is even and the coin will be flipped and land in the favor of Houston coming out on top.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

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