Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bartendercabbie System College Football Top 25 11/2/2014

The Bartendercabbie System Top 25 for 11/2/2014.

1. Mississippi State: Survived a scare against a better than their record Razorback squad.

2. FSU: Looked for a while like their undefeated season was going to come to an end.

3. Alabama: I would not count them out to be in the "big game at the end."

4. Auburn: A force in the SEC and nationally.

5. Kansas State: Snyder keeps winning with the crowd he has. Over achievers they may be, but they know how to win.

6. TCU: Exceptionally quick group but defense might be a tad suspect.

7. Oregon: Best of the PAC 12. Don't count them out to be in the final game.

8. Notre Dame: For real this time. May be tripped up before all is said and done.

9. Michigan State: The best of the Big Ten? We will soon see.

10. Baylor: Easy victory against an over matched opponent in their last outing.

11. Arizona State: Keeps winning.

12. Mississippi: A good team that has had some recent set backs. A practice game next on the schedule with an FCS opponent (just a couple years removed from D2) to work out some kinks. Typical of the SEC to schedule a "sure win" in the 2nd third of the season. Doesn't always work as planned......

13. LSU: A bit of a rebuild but a very dangerous team for anyone.

14. Ohio State: Major test coming up.

15. Utah: One of the best of the rest in the PAC 12.

16. Nebraska: Folks are not talking about this one loss team so much. Perhaps they should be.  Maybe the close call with FCS McNeese State is still weighing on folks minds. Could Pelini run the table and make it in? We will see.

17. Oklahoma: Still has a shot in the Big Twelve. A lot of football left to be played

18. Marshall: A good team that will get no consideration from the "college playoff" committee. Reminiscent of the (thankfully) now defunct BCS system?

19. Georgia: Things went horribly wrong last Saturday. An anomaly? Perhaps.

20. Arizona: Another dangerous PAC 12 squad.

21. West Virginia: Can play with anyone on a good day.

22. Clemson: A good ACC team.

23.  UCLA: OK. Perhaps. Not totally convinced they belong. Giving them the benefit of the doubt at this time.

24. Duke: Well coached and plays above talent level. Will reach a decent bowl game.

25. Wisconsin: Perhaps ranked a tad low. 

On the Brink in no particular order
Miami: Well coached. May pose FSU some problems. Under rated perhaps.
Georgia Tech: Could move up.
Colorado State: The best of the Mountain West?
Boise State: As above.
Mizzou: Can look good at times.
USC: Maybe
Louisville: Had FSU and could not close the deal.

Teams with a shot and in no particular order
East Carolina: A conference loss could be forgivable but to be embarrassed by a cellar dweller in the league? Not so much. Could have been worse. SMU could have beaten them. Capable of working their way back in however. Would need to run the table.
Memphis: Better than many think. Would need to run the table the rest of the way.
Houston: Ditto. Seemed to have gotten it together after a rocky start.
Minnesota: A dangerous team to any Big Ten opponent. Had a rough outing recently.
Stanford: A down year
Texas A&M: Perhaps. Unlikely
Florida: If they play like the did last Saturday..........Likely won't happen.
Utah State: A good MWC team.
Toledo: Are they the best of the MAC this season?
Georgia Southern: Moving up from the lower division and doing a pretty darn good job.
Louisiana Cajuns: Would have to run the table and still would probably not be enough. Very good Sun Belt team.
Nevada: Another above average MWC team.
Boston College: Can look good. Can look not so good.
Louisiana Tech: Doing well in CUSA
Rice: May be the only team capable of surprising Marshall this season in CUSA.

That should about do it. Have a good week and enjoy the games. 


Jayhawk said...

19. Georgia. Not an anamoly. I've told you before but you have not been listening. Their defense stinks. Their defense has been stinking, it still stinks and it will continue to stink. It might look good in the Big 10 or the Pac 12, but in the SEC it stinks.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Yes there are issues but I did not see anything like the blow the Gators dished out.