Saturday, August 16, 2014

Truth and Questions From the Cab #8 With Rule 5

Sunday morning is winding down and here I sit in front of the screen and keyboard instead of doing something useful and worthwhile. Thought about doing some predictions on the upcoming debut of the 2014 college football season and thought also about mowing the lawn. Gonna do neither right about now.....on to the gibberish.

1. Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee is still a dumbass. Time passes, things change, but the dumbassery of the esteemed congresswoman remains.

2. These wars in the Middle East are not going away anytime soon. The genie is out of that bottle and there will be nothing forward but genocidal activity. Our "targeted" airstrikes on this ISIS scum will not do much in the long run likely. These particular Mohammedans are taking killing to the next level and they ain't stopping for shit.

3. Johnny Football survived his first preseason outing with the Browns and is still walking. Did pretty good also they say. We will see how things play out in the long run. The transition from college to the NFL is tremendous for a QB, particularly one who runs all over creation. Good way to get pummeled as RGIII can attest. It doesn't help matters any that he is an ass. I don't doubt that some defender will be tempted to dole out a little extra before all is said and done. Saw it happen during college play..........

4. The Texans first preseason game was dismal. Conventional wisdom says the preseason matters little, but Good Lord.

5. Why is it we hear all about Israel's supposed "genocide" in Gaza from the left but don't hear a whole lot about what these ISIS folks are up to? To be fair, there has been some talk of neutralizing ISIS from at least one Senator of the far left very recently.

6. What should be done about Tony Stewart? Folks are asking.....The man should quit racing because of a tragic accident?
Car racing is dangerous and the habit of some to go out on the track to throw a helmet at a driver who "wronged" them on the track can lead to horrible consequences. Surprised it hasn't happened before..

7. Should we halt all travel to and from West Africa? Common sense might dictate this be the case. Of course we don't want to offend anyone.......

8. Is it not high time to really secure the southern border? Perhaps shut it down to all but legitimate business and tourist traffic? Again this common sense thing rears its ugly head....

9. Is LaRaza a hate group? Some believe such.

10. How can anyone teach "business" at a university (well Phoenix so not sure if that can qualify) if one has never ever run any kind of business what so ever? Not even a snow cone stand. Being a mid level paper shuffler doesn't qualify as "business" in my mind. I had a supervisor who made much of his part time adjunct position teaching business but when asked (by me, I'm a jerk apparently) if he had ever run a real business, he pointed to the pile of papers on his desk. Out of decorum I chose to stifle the chuckle that was building.

11. Why is it that when one is doing the Lord's work such as "blogging" one's better half comes up with something "important" that needs to be done around the house? Guess I will have to continue this nonsense at a later time...........

12. As I continue on Tuesday August 12 I must offer condolences to the family of Robin Williams.

13. It appears that airstrikes on the ISIS terror group by our forces are allowing the Iraqi forces to at least work on rescuing some of those that the terrorists are so intent on eliminating. An interesting development of note is that both Russian and Iran (along with the possibility of Syrian aircraft) have also been involved to some extent. Hard to say.....

14. I heard that some fruitloop over at the Huffington Post believes that Israel should share the "iron dome" technology with the "forces" of Hamas. Is this true and if so, what kind of sumbitch would be stupid enough to suggest such? Oh wait. I remember now. Fairness, even in combat, sure seems to be important to some of these interior dickorator types.

15. Do you think Jon Voight will get any more acting gigs? Do you think he cares?

16. It is true that the current POTUS, bad as he is (and there may have never been worse) did inherit some major problems from his predecessor. What?

17. Is H. Clinton signaling a run for POTUS with her criticism of the current administration? Is our citizenry really stupid enough to elect her? What? Yes I guess I must admit that was an obtuse question. We already know the answer to that one.....

19. The Astros, some how or other, are not the worst team in baseball. Pretty close but they may just escape the cellar before all is said and done.

20. Do you think that blaming the dislike of the president simply because he is a person of color has pretty much played out? Even among many libs? You know the answer to that don't you? I think you do. 

21. Is the new cease fire between Israel and Hamas still holding? Haven't looked into current affairs today. Update: A few rockets have been fired but nothing to really make headlines.

Enough of this. Rule 5 time. Kinda sparse this time around but quality can sometimes trump quantity. Or do you think otherwise?

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