Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bartendercabbie College Football Top 25 Dec 1, 2013

Yesterday was one of the most fun days in college football that I can remember in a long time. I guess fun would be a relative term for some depending on where their loyalties lie. I suppose I could just use the word "interesting" instead......That being said the Bartendercabbie System Top 25 (the real BCS?) is out of the closet 1 December, in the year of our lord 2013...

1. Auburn: One loss to an SEC opponent not named Kentucky does not disqualify one from the top spot. They took arguably the best team in the country down to the wire and won on perhaps the biggest fluke play in the history of the game. It has, as I understand it, happened only four other times in the entire time that organized college ball has been played. A hell of a game between two great teams.

2. Alabama: Could still be the best team in the land. A loss to Auburn does not rule them out.

3. Ohio State: The Buckeyes? Yes. I said it. The offense is hard to stop certain. May be ranked a bit high. May be ranked a bit low.

4. Missouri: How did they get here? Doesn't matter. This is one good and fast football team.

5. FSU: Schedule strength is perhaps as suspect as that of Ohio State. The "controversy" over whether the starting QB is a groper or no seems to be dying down somewhat.

6. Oklahoma State: A loss to WV leaves one scratching their head. Other than that? This team should scare anyone.

7. Baylor: A good team that could beat anyone on any given day.

8. Stanford: This is a good football team that has flashes of brilliance and also periods of utter incompetence. Perhaps ranked a bit high.

9. South Carolina: Can play with anyone some days. Others? Not so much.

10. Michigan State: Ok. So they say. We will see next week. The only(other than OSU) squad in the Big Ten that appears to be a real danger to top level teams.

11. Clemson: Falls off a bit. Still a dangerous team to anyone. Well coached.

12. Northern Illinois: The best QB in the country you have never heard of. Would be ranked no lower than 3rd if in the Big Ten. Perhaps 2nd.

13. Oregon: The bloom is off the rose here but catch this team on the wrong day and you will lose. That goes for anyone.

14. Arizona State: Coached by an utter ass but the man knows how to win. It is a travesty that any university will stoop to hire this trash. The coach with the least class in major college ball not named Petrino.....

15. UCF: Well coached. George is paying his penance still down Orlando way. If I were him, I would stay put. He would have been long gone at ND by now anyway. Those folks are delusional

16. UCLA: Will be a national force in the years to come. Mark it.

17 .TAMU: Without that "Johnny Football" twit this may not be a top 25 team. Horrible defense which incidentally is a Sumlin trademark. Kevin has been blessed with unreal college QB's during his time in the HC ranks. Wonder how he will do with your average Joe. If he had a defense while coaching UH, he would have had a BCS buster on his hands. May be ranked a bit high here. Have lost games they should not have. More than one.

18. Texas: The Longhorns disaster of a start keeps them lower in the ranks. Can play outstanding football at times.

19. Oklahoma: Lots of noise and lots of talent a great team does not make. That is a coaching problem. The staff is over rated likely.

20. LSU: Some folks are screaming for Miles' head but who you gonna call? Ghostbusters?

21. Louisville: I doubt Bridgewater or Strong will be here next year. This was the season to get it done and they fizzled. Don't misunderstand that for this being a bad team. They can play with all but the top on a good day.

22. Duke: A magical season as far as Blue Devil football is concerned. Next up? FSU. Wouldn't it be nice?.....

23. Fresno State: No BCS buster this season. Still not totally convinced this is a real top 25 squad.

24. Cincinnati: This team perhaps does not get their due.

25. Vanderbilt: Vandy? Yes. Those guys. Survived a scare with a dismal WF squad Saturday last.

On the bubble in no particular order.
Wisconsin: May be a top 25 squad when it all shakes out.
Georgia: Ditto
Iowa: Maybe. Haven't paid much attention. It is usually not worthwhile. A mistake perhaps.
Rice: A good CUSA team
Louisiana: Would have run the table in the Sun Belt had they not come across the 2nd best QB in the country no one has heard of. Yes that would be Browning of ULM who apparently recovered from injury...
Utah State: Pretty good squad for the Mountain West this season. May be better than the record reflects.
Ole Miss: Maybe next year. Well coached.
Notre Dame: Ummmm. Nope. Should be. Gotta be the coaching staff.
BYU: Better team than some think. Can shows flashes.
USC: The season began when Lane left. This group has not done so bad since then. Maybe next year. Loaded with talent.
Minnesota: As far as the Gophers go, this team is a huge success.
Marshall: A good CUSA team
ECU: Ditto
Miami: Another year where the "U" disappoints the faithful. Well coached squad which could be a danger next year. But they always say that. For years now.
Ball State: Good MAC team which is in the unfortunate situation of playing in the same MAC division as NIU.
Houston: Fell off some. Appears to be well coached with some talent. May be a force next season
Nebraska: I'm still betting Pelini is gone. His brother got the axe at FIU (or was it FAU? No matter).
KSU: Horrific start. Has improved a good deal. Could be a danger to a lot of top squads on a good day.
Boise State: An off year. I wouldn't count on that lasting.
Michigan: There is some second guessing Hoke's decision to win or lose to the vaunted Buckeyes with a two point conversion attempt by the armchair types. Whatever else may be said about him no one can deny his minerals. His team has probably played a good deal below their talent level this season and that is his fault. I like him all the same. He will be successful somewhere before it all shakes out. Maybe even in Ann Arbor.


Jayhawk said...

I would put Missouri ahead of Ohio State. Missouri beat four ranked teams and lost to a fifth in overtime. Ohio State only beat two ranked teams, #16 and #23.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Good point.