Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 12 2013 College Football Predictions

Last week went 6-4 with a season total thus far of 75-35. There are some good games this week so without further adieu....

1. Ball State vs Northern Illinois: The two best teams in conference square off in the Wednesday night tilt. Go with the Huskies in a very close game.

2. Ohio State vs Illinois: A Buckeye victory here would not mean much  nationally. Just too many teams playing tougher competition to seriously consider the Buckeyes for the big game at the end. I  have said before that the 2nd best team in the Big Ten is likely not as good as the 1st and perhaps 2nd best teams in the MAC. That being said this should be a cake walk for the Ohio team. One can hope otherwise.....

3. Houston vs Louisville: Both good teams with exceptional coaching staff and field generals. The Cougars have a good bit less experience behind center and will fall here. Go with the team from Kentucky.

4. Buffalo vs Toledo: UB is a pleasant surprise. They should win here.

5. Miami vs Duke: Miami is the better team but their confidence could be shattered. Duke has been playing some good ball of late. Upset in the making? Probably not. Go with the Canes to get back on track.

6. San Diego State vs Hawaii: Aztecs are the better team. I doubt that Norm will be working in the islands much longer. Go with SDSU.

7. Memphis vs South Florida: Evenly matched? Maybe not. The Tigers are the better team and will prevail.

8. Oklahoma State vs Texas: The Cowboys are a little bit over rated. The Longhorns can be good and can be horrible. If the good Texas team comes out they will win. I will toss a coin and go with Texas here.

9. Georgia vs Auburn: Georgia is not playing to expectations and Auburn has come back surprisingly fast from a horrific season last year. I will go with Auburn here.

10. Idaho State vs BYU: Can I throw in a ringer? Why not? What on earth is BYU doing playing this level of competition as the season winds down? Are they trying out for the SEC? Go with the Cougars. Wouldn't it be nice if though?.........

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

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