Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 8 College Football Predictions 2013

There were a lot of close games last week and some of the big dogs found themselves in the losers column. Other top schools had one heck of a time with lower level competition and thus it is hard to say really just who are the top teams. Well, with a couple of notable exceptions........Last week I went 7-3 straight up with a total thus far this season of 51-19. That being said, on to the predictions for week 8.

1. Louisiana vs WKU: The winner of this game is in the driver seat in the Sun Belt race. It is likely that one of these two will be the SBC winner before all is told, although no one is talking about an upstart South Alabama squad. Why should they? This is the Sun Belt after all. At any rate, this one could be close, both teams are pretty even and I will go with the Cajuns in what some would consider a minor upset.

2. Miami vs NC: The Canes are the better overall team hands down but they have to be better on any given day. This will be closer than expected but look for Miami to come away with the victory.

3. Louisville vs UCF: Louisville had a great deal of trouble with a better than many think Rutgers team. If anything the Knights of Florida are a step above the Knights of New Jersey. It could be another close one if the Cardinals again come out flat. Go with Louisville.

4. Florida vs Mizzou: Mizzou showed the SEC crowd that they are a team that just might need to be taken seriously this season. We will see. I go with the Bears to edge the Gators here and remain unbeaten. Let us be honest. Florida is just not that good.

5. Maryland vs Wake Forest: The Terps are still out to prove that they are a better team than the one that was pounded by FSU a couple weeks back. They should win this one. Go with Maryland.

6. UMASS vs Buffalo: A surprisingly good MAC team this Buffalo team is this season. The Minutemen are among the bottom of the D1 pile. I would go with Buffalo here.

7. TAMU vs Auburn: Is this the big one this week? We will see. Auburn is vastly improved and there are some chinks (defensive mainly, after all Sumlin is in command), in the Aggie armor. I will go with the Aggies to win this one although it may be rather close.

8. BYU vs Houston: This non conference bout will tell us a whole lot about the Houston Cougar squad this year. They are undefeated sure but the competition level has been dubious at best. I am going to go way out on a limb here and predict a Cougar (Houston) victory.

9. FSU vs Clemson: Some say this is the big one. Could be. Clemson struggled last week against vastly inferior competition and that certainly sends up some red flags. They will get back on track this week and edge the Seminoles.

10. UCLA vs Stanford: Another big one here. Stanford was embarrassed last week but should get back on track here. UCLA is good but they are just not quite top 10 material. The Stanford team needs to show that they belong in the national conversation still. They don't but should have enough to edge UCLA in a good game.


Jayhawk said...

Difficult to find words to express my delight regarding the Auburn victory over the Aggies of Texas. My joy is beyond bounds,\is even sufficient to outweigh my despair at the loss by my LSU Tigers.

Bartender Cabbie said...

It is always fun to see the Aggies lose. Always.