Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jean Stapleton - Another Great One Has Left Us.

Jean Stapleton has passed away. Sad news. I always enjoyed her work.

 All In The Family AKA Archie Bunker is arguably the most "important" situation comedy in television history.
Very little was taboo - and important social issues of the time were addressed with creativity. Stapleton's work as Edith was, well, no one else could have pulled it off. Her character was a perfect foil, and scattered brained balance to Carroll O'Connor's character (Archie).

As a testament to the staying power, so to speak, of All In The Family is the fact that it is still shown, day after day, in syndication. The show is still controversial apparently. In the not too distant past one Bill Cosby said something to the effect of "he despised" the show, because the main character, Archie, never learned and never grew as a post racist person. That was the point. The show was about a man who was stuck in his ways and would only change (or grow as Cosby might say) incrementally. Cosby apparently wished for Bunker to shed his narrow minded racism as the show progressed which to me is a very odd as Cosby himself is as racist as they come. That's right folks, America's pudding salesman and "clean" comedian is as racist as "Dr." Cornell West - he is just less ridiculous sounding and more appealing to the mainstream.

Sorry. Did not mean to get into a Cosby rant this early Sunday. That was not my original intent.

Jean Stapleton may you rest in peace. You will be missed.

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